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Learn everything about mountain biking and get better at your favourite sports!


How To Choose a Mountain Bike : What Size Do I Need

How To Choose a Mountain Bike : What Size Do I Need

Find out how to choose the perfect mountain bike for your needs. Advice on features, terrain types and budget options.

How To Start Mountain Biking : Getting Started for Beginners

How To Start Mountain Biking : Getting Started for Beginners

Take up mountain biking with confidence. Discover the basics of the sport, advice for beginners and how to choose the right equipment.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

8 places to go mountain biking near Montreal

Set off on a mountain biking adventure in and around Montreal. Find routes for all levels, close to home.

Top 9 mountain biking destinations in Calgary

Top 9 mountain biking destinations in Calgary

Here some of the best places to mountain bike in and around Calgary. Find trails for all levels and tips for a successful trip.

woman smiling in the rain wearing a rain jacket

The benefits of layering

When practicing outdoor activities, layer your clothing to stay comfortable, dry and warm. At Decathlon, we go to great lengths to ensure our products are made with technical fabrics that have your back (literally!) in all types of weather conditions. Learn how to layer up before you head out!

3 cyclists on their bikes

3 ways yoga benefits cyclists

Want to optimize your pedal stroke? The benefits of yoga are endless. When integrated into your cycling practice, yoga is the perfect complementary sport. Cyclists, here are 3 reasons to roll out your mat and start practicing yoga.

sewing machine repairing a jacket

Simple tips for repairing your own clothes

Learning to repair well-worn clothing is a win-win for both you and your wallet. If your jacket is ripped or some stitching has come apart, a little basic repair know-how can make all the difference between throwing the item out or wearing it again. Taking a crafty approach is both economical and ecological!

person changing a bike inner tube

Discover the complete guide to know which inner tube you should get

To choose the right inner tube, you need to determine three things: the size of your wheel, the width of your tire and the type of valve that is compatible with your wheel rim.

kids on a soccer field

Advice from Kids: Why Should We Play Sports?

Want to have more fun while doing sports? Get tips from young athletes on topics like motivation, how to fuel your body like a pro and the best reasons to stay active on a daily basis.

Bike on a wall

Choosing the right bike

Cycling is excellent for your health, but it is also an eco-friendly way to travel that helps build a better future for the planet. Before diving into your next two-wheeled adventure, discover the main types of bikes available to you: hybrid, road, touring, mountain, city, folding, and more.

A man on a bicycle is about to drink from the tube of his water bag

How to Clean Your Hydration Pack

Designed specifically for those who practice trail running, mountain biking, and hiking, a hydration system with a drinking tube is an essential piece of equipment for intense activity in the great outdoors. Do you know how to properly clean your hydration pack? Here’s a quick guide.