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Discover the best spots for mountain biking around Montreal

Over the past few years, mountain biking in Quebec has become increasingly popular. The province is a veritable playground for enthusiasts of all levels, offering a variety of trails to suit every type of rider.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

1. Bromont

With a network of trails totalling just over 100 kilometres and winding through natural, biodiverse environments, Bromont is a must-see destination for mountain bike aficionados in Quebec. Whether you're looking for easy, family-friendly trails, or you prefer to give it your all on technical routes. Bromont's trails are suitable for cyclists of all levels. You can also rent bikes and equipment on site.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

2. Oka National Park and the Oka Abbey trails

Located northwest of Montreal, Oka National Park offers some 40 kilometres of mountain bike trails and 60 kilometres of fat bike trails (bikes with oversized tires) for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Just 6.5 kilometres from the park, Oka Abbey offers 30 kilometres of trails for all skill levels. Many of the easy trails are specially designed for young cyclists and those just starting out on two wheels. The trails were created and continue to be maintained by loyal volunteers.
At the foot of the Oka Abbey trails, Cycle Tomahawk offers repair services as well as bike rentals and protective gear. The store also rents electric mountain bikes.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

3. Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Coaticook is usually associated with its long suspension bridge, the fascinating Foresta Lumina night trail and delicious ice cream. It's also a destination for mountain bikers in search of narrow, flowing single tracks dotted with hairpin turns and jumps. There are also trails for gravel and road cyclists. The entire network stretches over 25 kilometres of beginner to advanced trails.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

4. Mont Sutton

Mont Sutton and Plein air Sutton / MTB offer a good mix of beginner to advanced cross-country and enduro trails through a magnificent century-old forest. It's a great place to start pedalling, and there’s a course for everyone. Trails are located about an hour and a half from Montreal, and bike rentals are available on site.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

5. Mont-Tremblant

The mountain features more than 50 kilometres of trails for all levels, with something for everyone: downhill, single track, double track, enduro and cross-country. You can even rent bikes and fat bikes. Guided tours are available for those wanting to learn the sport — it's a great place to develop and practise your technique.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

6. Mount Royal Park

The city's most expansive green space, Mount Royal is a magnet for runners, walkers, urban cyclists, ice skaters, cross-country skiers and snowshoers alike. However, mountain biking on the slopes of Mount Royal has long been a divisive issue. In the early 1990s, the city tried to dissuade cyclists from damaging the trails along the mountain. Hiking enthusiasts were also reluctant to share the trails with these fast-paced cyclists.

It was also argued that frequent bike riding was eroding the trails and damaging the flora. The city even sent police officers on horseback to hand out tickets to those who weren’t respecting the rules.

Today, a municipal bylaw prohibits mountain bikes on the slopes of Mount Royal, but many cyclists continue to ignore this rule. For the past seven years, Vélo Québec has been lobbying the city to find a solution and set up a permanent network, to no avail.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

And near Quebec City:

Host to international competitions, including the Mountain Bike World Cup, Mont Sainte-Anne offers trails for all abilities. Plus, you can take in breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The mountain offers a great mix of rocky downhill trails, technical enduro tracks and narrow rolling courses. One of the latest additions, the Boutteaboutte, is a narrow intermediate trail that provides access to the best enduro tracks. Equipment rentals are available on site as well as a full-service bike shop in case you need tune-ups or repairs.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

Essential equipment

There are three categories of mountain bikes designed for specific trails: cross-country, enduro and downhill. Consider the type of trails you'll be riding and your skill level before choosing the right bike.

Cross-country: This is the only mountain bike category present at the Olympic Games. These rather light, agile bikes offer excellent manoeuvrability on narrow, rolling trails, as well as stability on banked turns.

Downhill: Equipped with a solid dual-suspension system, these bikes are designed to hurtle down mountainsides at high speeds. These types of bikes are best-suited to riders that frequent lift-serviced bike parks as riders must access the summit using the centre's lifts rather than riding to the top.

Enduro: This hybrid model is a mix of cross-country and downhill bikes. These bikes are designed for technical trails with rocks and roots, jumps and dynamic descents.


Choose a snug-fitting, comfortable helmet that meets safety standards.


Wear clothes made from moisture-wicking specialised fabrics to keep you cool while pedalling.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

Checklist: To be modified according to your needs

- Mountain bike shoes
- Gloves
- Sunglasses
- Hydration pack or water bottle


- Spare inner tube
- Tire levers
- Chain lubricant
- Pump
- Chain link
- Multipurpose tool
- Cell phone

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

Trail Safety and etiquette:

Make sure you always respect the signs, stay on the trails and keep your bike under control. During the summer, don't forget to bring insect repellent and sunscreen. 

Best time of year for mountain biking: 

During the summer season, from mid-May to November.

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