À propos de Décathlon Canada

About Decathlon Canada

We’re designers, manufacturers and distributors—and most of all, we’re passionate about making sports accessible to everyone.

Our strategy in 5 steps

Experiential stores

Our stores aren’t just for shopping. We build gymnasiums, climbing walls, and test zones to allow you to try as many sports as possible, for free. When you walk into a Decathlon store, you’ll see people shooting hoops, friends playing badminton, and kids scooting in the aisles. You’ll see Decathlon teammates repairing bikes, sharpening skates, and getting ready for a Zumba class. People have said our stores feel more like a sports festival than a regular retail store. We consider that high praise!

Rapport qualité-prix imbattable

Unbeatable value

Did you know that most of the products sold at Decathlon Canada are our own? From initial41etches to engineering, testing, manufacturing and distribution, our teams ensure quality and integrity at every stage of the process. That means we control profit margins and can keep prices low without ever compromising on what matters most, like quality, safety and environmental sustainability. It’s the not-so-secret secret to our unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Online shopping experience

Even without expert sales advisors around, we want to help you pick the right gear for your needs. When shopping online, you’ll find relevant information on product pages and reviews from users around the world. Gearing up for sports should be easy, convenient, and safe!

Expérience d’achat en ligne
Incidence sur la société

Societal impact

We all know how good exercising is for our physical and mental health—we want to empower all Canadians to be more active and have fun doing it. Partnering with local organizations allows us to share knowledge, further our expertise, and amplify our impact in Canada.


Being active and playing sports should be widely accessible to all, but it starts within our own communities. Decathlon is building infrastructures, recruiting amazing local coaches and offering affordable activities and classes for all levels, but each and every one of us has a role to play in growing our sports communities. Join us! Membership is free.