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Why choose an electric bike?

Want to get around without pedalling yourself into exhaustion? Get yourself a ebike.

Ebikes are a great alternative to traditional bikes. They’re a great way to get some fresh air, explore your neighbourhood or go further and faster without sweating through your shirt. From health to financial benefits, there are many reasons you should consider an electric bike.

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

Ebikes: how do they work?

They are just like ordinary bicycles with an electric motor and battery that provides an extra boost when you are pedalling. You still have to pedal to move forward. Basically, it helps you to cover greater distances in less time and with less effort.

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

Ebikes are for everyone

It’s a common misconception to think that electric bikes are for lazy people that do not want to exercise. Let’s clear that up. Yes, the battery-powered motor assists with pedalling by getting that extra oomph when needed. The rider chooses different levels of assistance according to need. Ebikes are  suitable for people of all ages and fitness level who want to commute, run errands or just go for a spin.

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

Ebikes: upsides

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, but their history dates to the 70s. Today, they are being used more and more, because they offers so many benefits.

Save money

With the price of gas skyrocketing, buying an ebike for your daily commute is a great choice for your pocketbook. The operating costs are much lower than that of a car.

A fast way to get around

It's a great way to reduce your commuting time.  With an ebike, you will avoid getting stuck in traffic and you can say bye-bye to unreliable public transport. Plus, it’s easier to finding parking.

A plus for the environment

An ecological gesture. You'll be making a direct contribution to the fight against global warming. Using an ebike helps to relieve traffic congestion in the city centre, and therefore reduces pollution levels. No noise pollution with a VAE, and low emissions of greenhouse gases and fine particles. Bonus: batteries can be recycled. In short, it's a win-win situation.

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

The health benefits of electric bikes

And that's not all... In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, electric bikes are also good for your health!

Disease prevention

Electric-assist bikes have a lasting effect on your health. If you do regular physical activity with your bike, it could be enough to prevent the risk of illness. You may even regain some vitality and energy.

It’s a great workout

Riding an electric bike can boost your overall fitness. Once again, electric assistance doesn't mean laziness. Using an electric bike on a regular basis enhances cardiovascular health and engages just about every single muscle in your body.

Mental health benefits

Getting fresh air means your brain is better oxygenated, so it can function more efficiently! Riding an electric bike promotes the secretion of endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety. In short, this new mode of transport is good for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

Electric bike vs. traditional bike: which one to choose?

It all depends on your preferences and usage. Electric bikes are often more expensive than conventional bikes. What's more, they require more maintenance and may have a shorter lifespan because of the battery. On the other hand, an EAB lets you ride more, while saving you effort.

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

Ebikes: downsides

Overall pricey and heavy. Low range. Prime targets for thieves.


First of all, buying an electric bike is likely to be more expensive than a conventional bicycle. It’s a considerable upfront investment. Not everyone can afford them.

Maintenance and possible breakdowns

Yes, batteries are not infallible. The average battery life is 5 years and over 10,000 km. For top-of-the-range bikes, it can even reach 20,000 km, no less. When it comes to maintenance, make sure you look after it regularly: check and clean it after every ride. Cables, chain, connectors, brakes, pressure, tires... Go through everything with a fine-tooth comb.

Riding range is low

Even if most of today's electric bikes have sufficient range for everyday use, you still need to remember to recharge the battery. You don’t want to find yourself halfway home with a attery completely drained…

Please note that overcharging an ebike battery can lead to reduced battery lifespan. It can also overheat, and catch fire.


The electric motor and the battery make them considerably heavier than conventional bikes. If you live on the upper floors of an apartment, getting it up and down the stairs can be a challenge.


Electric bike batteries are very attractive to thieves. In addition to padlocking your bike, don't forget to remove the battery if you park it on the street.

Negative effects on the environment?

Electric bikes may not be as environmentally neutral as you might think. With its lithium battery and regular recharging requirements, it's easy to wonder. In any case, electric bike vs. car: the choice is easy.

Vélo électrique : pourquoi opter pour ce deux-roues?

Now all you have to do is get in the saddle. But above all, don't forget to make sure you're properly equipped, so you can enjoy this activity in complete safety.

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