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How to Choose the Right Bike Size?

How to Choose the Right Bike Size?

Selecting the appropriate bike size is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience tailored to your body type and cycling preferences. We're here to guide you through the process of determining the perfect size for your bike, ensuring you get the most out of your cycling adventures.

Finnish skittles on grass

Finnish skittles: Rules of the game

How many points do you need to win? How do you set up the skittles? Learn to play Finnish skittles, a fun and easy outdoor game!

Fishing permits in Quebec: Regulations and fees

Fishing license in Quebec: Regulations and fees

Get all the necessary info on fishing permits in Quebec: where to get them, what the regulations are, and more tips for a successful season.

8 meilleurs endroits où faire du vélo de montagne près de Montréal

8 places to go mountain biking near Montreal

Set off on a mountain biking adventure in and around Montreal. Find routes for all levels, close to home.

Man who slow running in the city

Slow running: Why it’s good for you

Find out how slowing down can make you a better runner.

zoom on a soccer ball

Do you know the history of the soccer ball

People have been playing with balls since ancient times. Through the ages, many civilizations have played games similar to soccer and have contributed to the evolution of the game.

setting billiard balls in a triangle

How To Set Up Pool Balls : Explanatory Photos

Whether you're playing English billiards, billiards, snooker or European billiards: you'll want to learn the correct placement for the balls before you start.

Top 9 mountain biking destinations in Calgary

Top 9 mountain biking destinations in Calgary

Here some of the best places to mountain bike in and around Calgary. Find trails for all levels and tips for a successful trip.


Which bow to choose to start archery and how to choose your bow

A bow is a device made up of a flexible curved component and a string, enabling the shooting of arrows. There are several types of bows, each made from different materials such as plastic, wood, or metal. Understanding these differences is crucial to select the bow that aligns best with your specific needs.

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Decathlon innovation to optimize your sporting experience

Through product feedback and customer suggestions, the teams are able put forward impressive innovations that offer successful solutions.

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Choosing a kids or adults scooter: Complete guide

Find out how to choose the perfect scooter, whether it's for a child or an adult. This practical guide will help you make the right choice for every use!

Nordic walking: benefits, techniques and advice for getting started

Nordic walking: benefits, techniques and advice for getting started

Find out all about Nordic walking. A physical activity with health benefits. Learn about its techniques and benefits in our detailed guide.

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How to train for a half-marathon: 10-week program

Get ready for a half-marathon with a structured training programn. Find out more about our training program, tips and nutrition!

How to Hold a Golf Club: Handling Techniques for Beginners?

How to Hold a Golf Club: Handling Techniques for Beginners?

Learn the correct technique for holding a golf club as well as tips to improve your grip and swing.

What to pack for a day hike?

What to pack for a day hike?

Discover the essentials for a safe and enjoyable hiking experience. Complete list for a successful hike.

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Spring hiking: how to best prepare?

Get ready for spring hiking with the best equipment for your outdoor adventures! From sturdy boots to lightweight backpacks, we've got you covered.

Introduction to Chessboxing: A Unique Hybrid Sport

What is chessboxing: This intriguing new hybrid sport

Discover chessboxing, a unique sport combining the intellectual strategy of chess and the physical intensity of boxing. A surprising discipline to explore.

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