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family tobogganing

Winter Socks: A Mini-Guide

Staying warm on cold winter days means having the right gear from head to toe! We'll help you find the best socks for your favourite winter activities. By keeping your feet warm you will be able to comfortably (and safely) enjoy your favourite outdoor winter activities for longer.
Friends rinding their snowboards on the slope

How to choose the perfect snowboard?

Not sure which snowboard to choose? Look no further! We are here to help you find the snowboard best suited for your needs.
women's figure skates

How To Buy Your Ice Skates

You want to find skates that will allow you to practice this sport comfortably. We'll help you choose the right skates for kids and adults. Choose your skates based on your age, the type of skating you will do, and level of support you feel that you need.
rolled yoga mats

How to choose an exercice mat

With so many different types of mats available, it can be tricky to know which one to choose. This guide will help you find the right mat for you.
Choisir ses bâtons de ski de fond

How to choose your cross-country ski poles: What size do you need?

Before choosing your cross-country ski poles, there are a few key factors to consider – your physical fitness and level of skiing, the type of wrist strap and grip you need, the required stiffness of the shaft and your height.
woman in front of the 2-second tent

How to fold a pop up tent easily?

Yes, you can pitch this tent in just 2 seconds, but what happens when it’s time to fold it back up? Learn how our innovative design makes this task, a simple one.
close-up on ice skates

The health benefits of ice skating

The list is as long as the Rideau Canal! Whether you want to strengthen your muscles, work on your balance, or just get some fresh air with your family, ice skating is one of the best winter sports around. Discover its key benefits.
zoom on a soccer ball

Do you know the history of the soccer ball

People have been playing with balls since ancient times. Through the ages, many civilizations have played games similar to soccer and have contributed to the evolution of the game.

Our latest sports advice

Bowl of soup with croutons and cheese

Intermittent fasting: Different types of fasting and benefits

Discover intermittent fasting and see how this method may be helpful for weight loss and overall well-being!
Ice fishing rod close up

Ice fishing in Quebec: Where to practice this winter?

Dive into the magic of ice fishing in Quebec. Discover the best spots, helpful tricks and tips to be properly equipped for this winter adventure.
Faire du vélo en hiver : les conseils d'un pro

Cycling in winter: tips from a pro

It's starting to snow and the temperature is dropping? No problem! You can continue to practice your favourite sport: Cycling, even in winter and even despite difficult weather conditions!

Hiking in Quebec: 9 Must-Do Hikes in Quebec City with Decathlon

Discover the best itineraries and tips for an unforgettable hike in Quebec City. Decathlon's tips to choose the Quebec City hike that's right for you.
Why should you eat well before your workout?

Why should you eat well before your workout?

Are you looking for new ways to improve your performance? The solution lies within you!
Top 30 Gift Ideas

Top 30 Gift Ideas

Find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list this year. Games, clothing, accessories and more for all ages and all activities.
Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

What are the different types of leggings?

Regardless of whether you're an athlete, a devotee of Sunday morning yoga sessions, or just someone seeking comfort for your casual neighbourhood jogs, there's one piece of athletic apparel that persistently evolves and consistently presents an expanding array of options: Leggings.
How to eat well on a limited budget?

How to eat well on a limited budget?

With the rise in food costs, you may be wondering how to continue to eat well without breaking the bank! We've got a few tips to help you out on this healthy quest.
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