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Discover Calgary's best mountain bike trails

Here some of the best places to mountain bike in and around Calgary. Find trails for all levels and tips for a successful trip.

Calgary and its surrounding area are full of beautiful mountain biking destinations. From north to south, from east to west: here are our favourite places to ride with your family, your loved ones or on your own!

Top 9 mountain biking destinatiions in Calgary

1. Bowmont Park, Calgary

Located in northwest Calgary, this park offers intermediate to more challenging trails for those who want to get their cardio pumping! On-site, single-tracks await you, perfect for admiring the park's bucolic side.

Practical information

Whether you're a hiking or a soccer fan, this is the park for you. With a surface area of 164 hectares, there's something for everyone. The park is open during the day, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

2. Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary

Here's a park where you can spend a whole day of family fun! With few inclines, the bike trails are best suited to beginners. The sheer size of the park will give you the impression of being far from downtown, with trees, streams and large expanses of grass. A great getaway from city’s bustle.

Practical information

Cyclists must stay on designated trails. Since these trails are shared with hikers, runners and dog walkers, please be careful.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

3. Bragg Creek

Less than a 40-minute drive from Calgary, Bragg Creek is one of the most famous mountain biking destination in Western Canada. The network has 166 km of versatile trails for every level of rider.

Practical information

This magnificent area - a mix of forests, streams and valleys - attracts a lot of people, especially on sunny weekends! We therefore advise you to come as early as possible to find a parking space.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

4. 12 Mile Coulee

Looking to get away from it all? You're in luck, because 12 Mile Coulee will make you forget you're only a stone's throw from downtown! Whether you're on a hike or a bike, enjoy the 110 m elevation gain between Bowness and the top of 12 Mile.

Practical information

The trail is 11 km long. It's an average of 2 hours, round trip

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

5. Canmore Nordic Centre

Here's one of the best mountain biking spots near Calgary! The network features over 100 km of trails for all levels. Wide dirt roads for novices, narrower trails for more challenge on hilly terrain, or single-track trails with more technique and great descents for pros. Take your pick!

Practical information

Please note that there is a wildlife corridor above the stadium area of Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park. Travel in this area is restricted from December 1 to June 15, and designated trails are accessible only from June 16 to November 30.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

6. Nose Hill Park

Located northwest of Calgary, Nose Hill Park, covers more than 11 square kilometers. It's the city’s largest natural environmental park. Lnown to locals, summer and winter alike, this huge hill gives mountain bikers many options with 60 km of versatile trails and designated paths. 

Practical information

You can spot deers and coyotes in the meadows and coulees of Nose Hill Park. The park is also home to porcupines, squirrels and even buzzards. Keep an eye out for them on your outings!

Our tip: enjoy the view from the top of the hill, over Calgary, the Bow River valley and the Rocky Mountains.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

7. Edworthy Park, Calgary

Edworthy Park is one of Calgary's most popular urban parks, located northwest of the city along the south bank of the Bow River. This park allows you to ride along the river, and is accessible to cyclists and walkers alike!

Did you know?

Long before Europeans arrived in Calgary, this part of the city was used by indigenous cultures as a place to camp. It was populated by hundreds of bison, which provided the inhabitants with food and provisions..

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

8. Paskapoo Slopes, Calgary

Located east of Canada Olympic Park, the Paskapoo Slopes mountain bike trails have been particularly well developed over the past two decades. The network is suitable for riders of all levels, but most of the trails are rated intermediate. A hidden gem in Calgary!

Practical information

There are 77 bike trails for all levels. Please note that the main access point is at the west end (under the Scottish Shop door), where a new parking lot has been built.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

9. McHugh Bluff, Calgary

Since it is close to downtown Calgary, McHugh Bluff is popular with walkers and cyclists. It sits atop a cliff with versatile trails. From up there, you'll have a fine view of the city.

Practical information

There are 27 hiking trails and 30 mountain bike trails.

Top 9 des meilleurs sentiers de vélo de montagne à Calgary

Preparation and tips for MTB in Calgary

To get the most out of your mountain biking trips, make sure you are well prepared and with the right gear. Choose your bike according to your level and size. Opt for a family outing, thanks to our kids' bikes. And don't forget to wear a helmet. Finally, respect the environment by staying on the trails!

Now it's time to plan your bike trips and enjoy the great outdoors in and around Calgary. If you're going out on your own, don't forget to tell the people around you where you're going. To be on the safe side, don't forget to check the weather forecast before setting off, and pack enough food and water for your outing. Have fun on Alberta's slopes!

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