man cycling near our Ontario and Western Canada stores

Road cycling trips near our ontario and western canada stores

The best road cycling routes and loops recommended by our team. 

From east to west, Canada is wonderful for cycling thanks to its varied geography, beautiful scenery, and abundance of roads to cycle on. This list of routes and rides in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia is sure to please cyclists of all levels! Recommended by Decathlon experts who love to pedal, these cycling trips will inspire you to get out there and explore. Have fun!

man riding on cycling route near Ottawa and Gatineau

1. Voyageurs pathway - ottawa, ontario and gatineau, québec

9 Km from decathlon ottawa

Difficulty: Beginner and intermediate

Gatineau, across the river from Canada’s Parliament buildings, is where the Voyageurs Pathway begins at Parc de la Francophonie and continues past Parc Portageurs. This riverside trail connects with the Voyageur Cycling Route that goes all the way to Sudbury. The trail follows the path of the Voyageurs along the waterways that supported transportation and trade for thousands of years. This route celebrates the strong connection between the land and its people.

You can also ride into Ottawa to visit Parliament Hill. The National Capital Region is criss-crossed by the Capital Pathway network.

Highlights: Make sure to plan a visit to nearby Gatineau Park. The climb to Lac Fortune is beautiful and challenging. Climbing up to Champlain Lookout takes some extra leg effort, but offers a gorgeous view.

Total distance: 30 km (Voyageur Pathway), 645 km (Voyageur Cycling Route to Sudbury)

“Voyageurs Pathway is a really beautiful beginner trail. You get views of Parliament as it follows the Ottawa River, it's one of my favourite places to ride and take new cyclists. I have plenty of photos and videos of it.”
- Fraser Harvey Ridout, Decathlon Ottawa

man on his road bike on the waterfront trail

2. Waterfront trail - burlington, ontario

2 Km from decathlon burlington

Difficulty: Beginner and intermediate

From Downtown Burlington to Confederation park in Hamilton, the Waterfront Trail is a must for cyclists of all levels. From Decathlon Burlington, take Maple avenue to the lake where it turns into Lakeshore Rd. Follow the Beachway south, taking the lift bridge next to the skyway.

Highlights: Eight waterfront parks, a beach, and a renewed downtown waterfront, pier, and promenade.

Tip: Parking available at Spencer Smith Park.

Total distance: 25 km

“Great for all kinds of riders. It can get busy on the weekends.”
- David, Decathlon Canada

Man taking a break from cycling to enjoy refreshments downtown Brampton

3. Etobicoke creek trail - greater toronto area, ontario

7 Km from decathlon brampton

Difficulty: Beginner and intermediate

From Decathlon Brampton, head south towards the airport. This is a mostly paved pathway that runs parallel to the Etobicoke Creek that’s great for hybrid or road bikes. A short loop that allows you to avoid traffic, this is a combination cycling, scenic, and natural trail that links parklands and suburban areas on both sides of the creek.

Highlights: Lake Ontario waterfront, a beach at Marie Curtis park which also has a splash pad and playground for kids.

Tip: Stop for refreshments in Brampton's downtown. Also, you can travel north into Caledon to get closer to nature.

Total distance: 20 km

“Great day trip on a hybrid bike. A short loop, out of traffic and by the river.”
- David, Decathlon Canada

Man checking his tire before his bike ride
2 experienced cyclists ride at high speed

4. Jane street north of teston - greater toronto area, ontario

6 Km from decathlon vaughan

Difficulty: Intermediate and advanced

There’s a beautiful stretch of road on Jane street above Teston road that you can ride for as long as you would like. You can go as far north as Davis Drive/Highway 9, then turn right and ride one intersection east to Keele and head back into town, or continue north into the Holland Marsh region to Bradford.

Highlight: Straight stretch of road out of the city.

Total distance: 40 km short loop (or as long as your heart desires).

“North of Highway 9 would be better for advanced riders, or someone looking for a longer road route to ride.”
- David, Decathlon Canada

2 cyclist riding near Calgary

5. Three routes near calgary, alberta


Difficulty: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Decathlon teammates love Calgary and its proximity to the Rockies, so here are three routes recommended by our teammate Craig.

“For a beginner’s route, I'd suggest the city’s amazing bike paths. With over 900 km of dedicated pathways, there are lots to choose from (it’s North America’s most extensive urban bikeway). Personally, I'd suggest riding around Glenmore Reservoir or from downtown out toward Bowness park depending on how far your legs carry you.”

This is a beautiful 40 km loop, not far from South Calgary that can easily be extended if you are looking for more of a challenge either by heading west toward Bragg Creek or south to Turner Valley and Black Diamond.”

“For those looking for a real challenge. Highwood Pass is a little further away but climbs the highest paved pass in Canada. If you ride from the north it’s a little shorter and steeper, from the south it’s longer and gentler. Both offer amazing views and a beautiful climb.”
- Craig, Decathlon Calgary

2 cyclists enjoying nature while a bike ride near Vancouver

6. The seawall - vancouver, british columbia


Difficulty: Beginner and intermediate

A great route for beginners and families, the Vancouver Seawall starts at Canada Place in the heart of the city’s waterfront and loops around Stanley Park. It’s a gorgeous uninterrupted path complete with beaches and excellent waterfront views. The route connects to English Bay Beach and continues around False Creek past Science World, the Olympic Village, Granville Island, Kitsilano beach, taking you all the way to Spanish Banks Beach. For even greater distances, you can continue towards the University of British Columbia if your legs are itching for a climb and then take SW Marine Drive all the way to the Arbutus Greenway to link back up to the city and the Seawall.

Highlight: Stanley Park and its collection of nine totem poles sourced from remote areas in British Columbia.

Total distance: 9 km (Stanley Park section), 28 km (to Spanish Banks Beach)

“Stanley Park’s seawall is a spectacular place to bike with the whole family, just remember it’s a one-way route. False Creek’s seawall lets you ride in either direction.”
- Matthew, Decathlon Canada

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