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Cycling: cooler weather won't stop you

Whether it's to get to the office, do your shopping, or for leisure, you've chosen to use a bike! Congrats on a great choice! As fall approaches, you'll want to develop the right habits to continue cycling in the cooler weather of the season. 

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The 3-layer technique

Don't let falling temperatures stop you from getting on your bike! Adopt the 3-layer method to carry on cycling without a care in the world: a close-fitting thermal layer, a fleece sweater, then a windproof jacket on top. The warm air trapped between the various layers should provide an effective barrier against the cold.

Keep your hands warm

With the speed you travel at, your fingers are likely to get really cold when cycling in the fall. The solution? A pair of cycling gloves! Specially designed for cycling, they'll keep your hands warm without preventing you from using the brakes or changing gears.

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Helmets for the cold

Heat is mainly lost through the extremities. The solution? A helmet with protection against the cold so you can make the most of your ride. The earpieces can be removed, so you won't overheat when the temperatures are more forgiving. And why not jazz up your fall look with a cozy neckwarmer?!

Don't forget your eyes!

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from unpredictable weather. The ultimate trick? An elasticized headband will keep them in place and ensure you don't lose them when you hit your first pothole!

It's raining? who cares?!

Your secret weapon against rain showers? A raincoat carefully stored in your backpack. When the first drops fall, put your jacket on in no time at all! This jacket will allow you to keep pedalling through unexpected showers. 


  • Be prepared

    If you go out early, visibility may not be optimal. Check road conditions carefully to avoid ice patches in shady and often wet areas. Finally, don't hesitate to leave bike lanes or paths if they are covered with snow and the road is clear.

  • Braking in the fall

    Rain, ice, or snow…be sure to rake 50 metres before obstacles to prevent any risk of aquaplaning. And remember to keep your distance from other road users to allow yourself enough time to react, especially in slippery conditions!

  • Tire pressure

    A good habit for cycling in wet fall weather? Reduce the pressure in your tires slightly to improve their grip. Handy!

  • See and be seen!

    The days get shorter and shorter during the fall. Don't let this stop you from cycling! Just make sure to stay visible by wearing a reflective jacket and using front and rear lights.

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Give your bike some love!

In fall, don’t forget to maintain your bike! Regularly grease and lubricate your gears and chain. A little lubricant on your bike lock should also prevent it from seizing up after a frost. Also, try storing your bike in a dry place out of the wind. Your bike’s worth it the effort, don't you think?!

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