Ecojogging: how to move your body while helping the planet

Discover this activity that cleans our streets and our trails!

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If you like sports and nature and are eco-responsible, we recommend you try ecojogging This sporting practice perfectly combines sports and the environment’s preservation.

Running with a garbage bag has never been as popular

What is ecojogging?

Ecojogging is more known as “plogging”. “Plogging” comes from the combination of Swedish terms “plocka upp” which means “pick up” and from the word “jogging”. The goal is to run while doing a positive activity for our planet!

Running is one of the world’s most popular sports and ecojogging brings a worthwhile mission to this sport! The concept is simple: bring a garbage bag and pick up litter on your trail. Nothing is more motivating than running for an environmental cause.

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Why run and pick up litter: benefits of ecojogging

This increasingly popular sport has several advantages:

- You act against pollution : by picking up litter along your way and on trails, you are directly helping to preserve flora and fauna. If you like nature, it’s an excellent way to preserve them.

- You contribute (even more) to your health : it’s no secret, running is a good physical activity. In addition to doing a high intensity exercise by combining your runs and stops to pick up litter at intervals, ecojogging has the added benefit of flexing your legs to your usual run. And according to a Washington Post article, ecojogging burns more calories than traditional jogging; that is, almost 20% more over a 30-minute period.

- You discover nature : it’s an excellent opportunity to discover new places and to disconnect from your day-to-day. Take the time to observe what nature offers you: trees, flowers, birds, and so much more!

- You meet people : by participating in ecojogging events, you meet new people who share your values.

Plogging, the new trend from Sweden

Where to find ecojogging activities

You are, of course, always free to run on your own with a garbage bag, but it’s even more fun to participate in group events! With hashtags, photos, events and groups, you can at any time find activities near you via your social network. There are also several associations that organise ecojogging events every year, such as l’Organisation bleue, Run Eco Team and World Clean Up Day. These activities encourage you to try this eco-responsible sport!

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Must have equipment and precautionary measures:

It’s simple! You need your usual jogging equipment with a backpack for litter (it’s more comfortable than running with a plastic bag or holding something).

Of course, you have to think of taking equipment depending on the weather and the brightness outdoors (windbreaker, raincoat, frontal headlight, reflector accessories) for optimal enjoyment and safety (at least to stay dry)! Most importantly: put on glovesto avoid getting dirty or hurting yourself while picking up litter.

Now you’re all set: motivate your family and friends to try ecojogging!

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