Kids playing basketball in front of the house

5 Fun activities to do in your driveway or neighbourhood alley

With a little imagination, your concrete driveway or neighbourhood alley can become a sports paradise for kids. We’ve got tons of creative ideas for outdoor activities you can enjoy this spring!

As the snow finally starts to melt, a world of possibilities opens up in your own neighbourhood. Here are a few ideas for how to get the kids moving.

A boy presenting a dance choreography in an alley

1. A rhythmic gymnastics show 

If you like to dance, do gymnastics or make up choreographies, then this activity is for you! Create a little number with the whole family, or get other kids in the neighbourhood to join in. Not only does artistic gymnastics work your sense of rhythm, agility and balance; it also encourages good team spirit: in order to be totally in sync, you need to anticipate your teammates' moves.

In a formal competition, a rhythmic gymnastics choreography must include four essential elements: leaps, balances, pivots and flexibility movements. Try to include all four in your show!

Two kids racing on a scooter

2. A scooter race

Organize a race between siblings, or get everyone to try to beat their own best time. Pro tip: you can draw paths on the ground with chalk in order to avoid collisions.

While it’s a super fun activity, riding a scooter is also pretty demanding on your muscles. The primary muscles it works are the hamstrings (back of the thighs), the quadriceps (front of the thighs), the calves, the glutes, the abdominals and the cheek muscles (from laughing so much!). With our three-wheel scooter, kids can get rolling from as young as two years-old.

3. A skateboard video montage

Film yourself, or your kids, to see how those skateboard skills are coming along! Not only will the video motivate you to keep improving, it will also be a fun memento you can keep or share with friends and family to brighten their day. If you’re not quite at the pro level yet, you can work on your slalom skills (weaving around objects or potholes). Skateboarding works your coordination, agility and flexibility; but it’s also good training in terms of patience, perseverance and self-discipline.

Don’t forget your protective gear: when skateboarding, it is essential to wear a helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads. You should expect to fall quite a bit at the beginning. ;)

kids playing on an asphalt school field

4. A multisport contest 

Most of us have played hockey, soccer or basketball in the street. But have you ever tried to play all three at the same time? Get inspired by the NHL and NBA skill contests and create your own challenges using all the sports gear you have on hand. Not only will this activity challenge your brain, it will also let you to share and learn new tricks so you can progress in many different sports. 

Two boys skipping rope

5. A skipping rope marathon

This gym class staple is still one of the best ways to get your cardio in without actually doing a long-distance run. Skipping rope is not just for kids (if Rocky Balboa does it, you can too!). Time yourselves and try to beat your best time the following day.

To protect your joints, jump on the balls of your feet and always keep your knees slightly bent. If you have a small patch of grass or soil where you can jump, even better! 

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