Quiz: what kind of camper are you?

There are different types of camping that offer varying levels of comfort. Find out what kind of camper you are based on your goals and needs.

Two people set up their campsite in the Canadian Rockies

Once you know your needs and preferences, you can equip yourself and get the camping experience you want. To figure out what camping style best suits you, answer this fun questionnaire!

How will you get to your campsite?
a) On foot (multi-day hike)
b) By canoe, bicycle, or on horseback
c) By family car
d) By luxury car

How much baggage will you have?
a) Everything fits in my 70 L backpack
b) Other than my kayak, bike, fishing equipment, and badminton net...hardly anything
c) One small suitcase for me, and two large ones for the kids
d) A lot, I like to be comfortable

Describe your ideal tent
a) Lightweight, compact, and strong
b) Super easy to set up
c) Family-friendly
d) Spacious and technically advanced

Once your tent is set up, what’s the first thing you’ll do?
a) Rest up for tomorrow’s early morning hike!
b) Go paddle boarding at the beach
c) Organize a group volleyball game
d) Inflate my memory foam mattress

What will you eat for dinner?
a) Protein powder shake
b) Trout caught earlier that day
c) Grilled cheese sandwiches and S'mores
d) Risotto with locally-sourced mushrooms

A man at his campsite in the Canadian wilderness

Mostly a

Backpacking: set off on an adventure

You’re clearly an expert hiker! When you camp, you change locations often, which means you need practical, lightweight camping equipment that sets up and stows quickly. Your love of nature knows no bounds, but you still want to keep rain and mosquitos out of your tent (we get it). Get ready for a camping adventure!

Mostly b

Multisport camping: get moving!

At Decathlon, we’re passionate about sports, and it looks like you are, too! When camping, you enjoy being active in your new, natural environments. Whether it’s paddling on a lake, climbing a mountain, or cycling through the woods, outdoor activities are your thing! Since you don’t have a minute to waste, opt for our 2-second tent and enjoy more time for your favourite sports.

family on a camping trip ready for some activities
family eating together on a camping trip

Mostly c

Family camping: dream big!

When camping with children, you need enough space for everyone to sleep and play! Our largest 6-person tent has 3 rooms and a spacious area perfect for playing cards or spending time together on rainy days. Camping is a great way to create precious family memories.

P.S. Want to get a few extra hours of sleep? Opt for one of our Fresh&Black tents. They filter sunlight so you don’t overheat in the morning. That means you and the kids can enjoy more rest in cool darkness.

Mostly d

Luxury camping: comfort first!

Looks like you have luxurious tastes! Jokes aside, it’s only natural to want to be comfortable in the great outdoors. Rest assured that you can eat and sleep well while camping! Whether it’s an ultra-soft mattress, a set of camping cookware, or an anti-mosquito hammock for reading in peace at the end of the day, there’s plenty of gear that can ensure an enjoyable camping trip. The only problem? You may be so comfortable, you’ll never want to go home!

A woman reads comfortably in a tent with a mattress, sleeping bag, and light