A family trying archery

Target sports to play at home and the cottage

Sports like archery and pool can improve many skills like concentration, patience, agility, flexibility, and analysis. Get the whole family on board!

a mother and her son are archery enthusiasts

Channel your inner robin hood

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to try archery? Whether it’s to imitate your favourite characters or to work on your strength, focus, and coordination, you’ll be quick to notice that this sport has more than one string to its bow.

Kids as young as 8 can get started with suction-cup arrows. Family fun is guaranteed!

girl playing petanque

Play it strategic with petanque

Want to add a French twist to your sports game arsenal? The goal of petanque is to place your boules closest to the jack. You can do this by aiming for the jack or throwing your boules more forcefully to dislodge your opponent’s.

Petanque is pretty laid-back, but it’s still a highly strategic sport. Before each play, you’ll need to consider things like the terrain, the opponent’s playstyle, and the number of boules left to throw.

Posture, flexibility, and motor coordination: this is why this guy is good at Billiards!

Work on alignment with billiard

Cue sports are much more physically demanding than people think! You need balance and flexibility to switch between different postures and strong abs to hold them long enough to take the perfect shot.

Plus, playing pool will make your daily step count go way up as you keep circling the table to find the best angle and pocket the balls. Discover the official rules of finnish skittles here.

A little boy playing finnish skittles, the game that improves your mental math

Keep adding up the benefits with finnish skittles

Finnish skittles require agility and strategy. It’s quite a fun game and will work your brain as you’ll need to do quick mental calculations.

To win, knock over numbered skittles until you reach 40 points. If you knock over a single skittle, you count the number of points indicated on the skittle. If several skittles fall over, you get one point per skittle instead. Good luck!

Friends who play darts for concentration and fun

Get right on target with darts

Good aim requires concentration. Darts can teach you to focus on the task at hand and use your breathing to your advantage. Plus, one set will let you play many different games. Up for a challenge?

This is a fun, social sport popular with kids and adults. A dart set will make any living room or cottage more festive!