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The importance of sports communities

Why (and how) should you try to surround yourself with others who share your interest in sports? Discover the many benefits of being part of a community.


Sport is a central part of our personal and social lives. It’s a wonderful way to push yourself, have fun, and learn about yourself; all while taking care of your well-being. These benefits multiply when you train with other people. Read on to learn more!


Expanding your social circle

As adults, it can be more challenging to make new friends. However, friendship is essential to the health and well-being of people at all ages. Being part of a sports community can be a great way to meet people who share the same interests as you. For example, in a group class environment, there is always at least one thing that just about everyone has in common, so you can use that to strike up a conversation with the people around you.

The same goes for team sports. When playing volleyball, soccer, or hockey, you get a chance to really get to know your teammates over the course of many practices, victories, and defeats. The fact that you are all working together toward a common goal creates a certain camaraderie and trust within the team

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Enjoy a wealth of knowledge and expertise

Joining a sports community means surrounding yourself with a new network for shared knowledge, tips and advice. When starting a new sport, it can be reassuring to be surrounded by other beginners and to have someone more experienced to guide you. After playing a sport for years, it can be incredibly rewarding to give back to your community by sharing your experience and teaching others. Everyone wins!


Developing a sense of belonging

The feeling of belonging can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. In fact, being a part of a group that accepts and appreciates you can make all the difference in terms of your self-esteem, personal development, and stress management. Sport can help you connect with others in a group setting as you work together toward common objectives, which can lead to a strong sense of belonging for everyone in the group. 

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How to find your sports community?

Sign up for activities!
Even though you can connect with others to discuss your individual workouts in forums or on group message boards, it’s often by going to the same physical location and spending time with others that you actually build a community. It is possible to create a virtual community, but many agree that it’s more effective and enjoyable in person.

This is one of the main reasons we offer so many in-store experiences and activities: our test zones and play areas encourage people to get to know each other while shooting hoops or discovering the joys of climbing. Your Decathlon store is an excellent place to get active and meet other sports enthusiasts!


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