How to choose your surfboard

Foam or resin, longboard or mini-mal? Choosing the right surfboard is essential if you want to begin, progress, and improve quickly. Read on for tips on how to find the best surfboard for your current and future style of surfing.

woman surfing the wave

Surfing with the right board is important if you want to get out there and enjoy the waves, both quickly and safely. You should choose your surfboard based on three criteria: your skill level, body type, and the type of waves you want to surf. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be dropping in and catching bombs in no time!

What is your skill level?

Why focus on ​foam surfboards?

Whatever your level, the foam surfboard deserves a place in your quiver!

What are the main qualities of foam surfboards?

Which surfboard is best for your body type?

When you’re new to surfing, it’s best to choose a board with plenty of volume. The more volume a board has, the easier it is to paddle and to gain speed once riding the wave. Large boards are especially buoyant and stable, which makes it easier for you to stand up on them once you catch the wave. The size of the board should be proportional to your weight and height. The heavier you are, the longer, wider, and thicker the board should be. Note that board dimensions are in feet (1 ft = 30.48 cm).

Witch surfboard to chosse according to the type of waves you surf?

What about a resin surfboard?

Whether you’re new to riding the waves or you’re a seasoned pro, picking the right board for your next session is essential to enjoying your time in the water. Foam boards offer room to grow and develop new skills safely and quickly, while resin shortboards provide style and flair for those who have already put in their time in the water. Whichever board you pick, ride safe and stay stoked!

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