How to choose a kayak

There are many elements to consider when choosing a kayak: Should it be inflatable or hard-shell? Will you be paddling on a river or open water? We'll help you ask yourself the right questions so that you can make an informed choice.

Two people smile in their tandem kayak.

Number of seats

You can kayak alone or with others.

It’s a great activity to do with friends or family.

Some kayaks can seat up to 4 people (2 adults + 2 children).

Important: For safety, remember to always wear your life jacket.

Two people paddling in a tandem kayak

Type and frequency of outings

Before choosing a kayak, think about how you’re going to use it:


Some kayaks are easier to pack and transport than others.

There are inflatable and hard-shell models. An inflatable kayak can be folded up, stored in a backpack and easily transported by car.

A hard-shell kayak is tougher and more stable, but takes up more space. It needs to be loaded on a rack on the roof of your car.

Two people in an inflatable kayak: carry bag and pump included

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