Getting active: how to find the motivation

If you’ve taken a break from sports and fitness, you may not necessarily be ready to hit the ground running when it comes to getting back to an active lifestyle. Sometimes it’s best to ease back slowly, finding motivation from various sources along the way. 

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Getting active again can be challenging after taking some time off. Whether you had to wait for an injury to heal, you had another physical condition holding you back, or you just felt a need to slow things down for a while; it can sometimes be good to take some time to rest and recharge. When you feel ready to get back to doing sports and activities regularly, you may find you lack some of the motivation required. Here are a few tips to help you get back on track! 

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Take in the group energy

Practicing a sport or activity with a group can be incredibly motivating. You get to watch others being active; which will often trigger a similar response within yourself. You may want to get competitive and challenge yourself to perform as well as those around you, or you may simply find it inspiring to see other people being active. Whatever the motivation, many people enjoy the energy of group workouts. You can check our Decathlon Activities platform to find sports classes happening in your Decathlon store or other nearby locations. Decathlon Activities offers lots of ways for you to connect with others and rediscover the joy of sports, together!

Group class examples:
- Dance
- Martial arts
- Circuit training

Follow the leader

You may also find motivation in just one person. The teacher leading your class, or a personal trainer or coach you are working with can help you reintegrate physical activity into your life. Finding someone you connect with and look up to can be a very powerful source of inspiration. Professional teachers and coaches have extensive knowledge of the sport they specialize in, but they also know about the human body and fitness in general. Taking your cues from someone experienced in the field can be a reassuring way to approach your return to an active life.

People who may inspire you:
- Yoga teacher
- Personal trainer
- Team coach
- Athletic friend

Find it in yourself

Sometimes, the most inspiring person for you! You have your own personal reasons for being active and making the decision to get back to a sport or activity you enjoy can be empowering. Taking charge of your life and doing something that is good for you generally feels great. It can also be helpful to consider why you want to return to sports and think about the benefits and challenges you may encounter along the way. Mentally preparing for the ups and downs can make everything seem more manageable. All you have to do next is take those first few steps and get moving!

Activities you can do on your own:
- Running/walking
- Hiking
- Swimming
- Weight training

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