Découvrir la planche à pagaie à Calgary

Discover paddleboarding in Calgary

Do you live in Calgary or are you just visiting? Here's your chance to discover the city's best paddling spots!

Paddleboarding has grown in popularity in recent years, and has become an activity of choice for those who want to enjoy the water and spend some quality time outdoors. In Calgary, paddleboard enthusiasts can join in on the fun, with several parks and spaces to explore. From loop and linear routes, here are the places to paddleboard in Calgary and some tips for beginners.

Découvrir la planche à pagaie à Calgary

Calgary’s best paddleboarding spots

Calgary's many lakes and rivers offer paddleboarders plenty of wonderful places to enjoy their sport. Here's a list of some of the most popular spots:

Glenmore Reservoir: This vast reservoir in southern Calgary is a popular spot for paddleboarding, as well as other water sports such as kayaking and sailing. Its tranquility and beautiful scenery make Glenmore Reservoir an ideal place to relax and enjoy the water.

North Glenmore Park: Located on the shores of the Glenmore Reservoir, this park with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains is another great place for paddleboarding. What's more, the park boasts a host of facilities including beaches, picnic areas and hiking trails, making it easy to spend a full day in the great outdoors.

Heritage Park: This historic park, also located on the shores of the Glenmore Reservoir, offers paddleboarding facilities as well as a variety of activities and events throughout the year. Combine culture and sport in an exceptional setting.

Bowness Park: Found along the Bow River, this peaceful park is a popular spot for paddling, especially for those seeking a more tranquil experience. The park also offers numerous hiking trails and picnic areas.

Découvrir la planche à pagaie à Calgary

Paddleboarding: tips for beginners in Calgary

Whether you're a novice or looking to take your paddleboarding skills to the next level, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your paddleboarding experience in Calgary:

Choosing the right equipment:

First of all, it's essential to choose a board suited to your skill level and water conditions. Inflatable boards are generally recommended for beginners, as they are more stable and easier to maneuver. Don't forget to invest in a quality paddle, a life jacket and a leash to keep you attached to your board in the event of a fall.

Learning basic techniques

For the first few times, we recommend starting out in calm, shallow waters. Practice the basic movements for paddling, turning and getting up on your board. If you find it too challenging to remain standing on your board, start out paddling on your knees. Once you feel comfortable with these techniques, you can gradually test your skills in more challenging conditions.

Respecting safety rules:

When paddling, it's crucial to follow safety rules. Always be aware of your surroundings, and avoid areas frequented by motorized boats. Check the weather forecast before you set off, and take into consideration things like currents, winds and the possible presence of underwater obstacles. Finally, don't overestimate your abilities, and know when it's time to return or ask for help.

Go with a pro

For beginners, it can be helpful to take a lesson with a qualified instructor. Not only will this help you master the basic techniques, it will also allow you to benefit from personalized advice and quickly correct any mistakes. What's more, an instructor is generally familiar with the best paddling areas in Calgary and can guide you in your choice.

Découvrir la planche à pagaie à Calgary

Paddleboarding events in Calgary

Calgary's paddleboarding community is quite active, with several events organized throughout the year to celebrate and promote the sport. These include:

Paddleboarding competitions: Several races and competitions are organized in Calgary every year, attracting paddleboarders of all levels, as well as spectators who come to cheer on the participants and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Festivals: Some festivals, such as the River Surfing Festival or the Water Lantern Festival, feature paddleboarding among many other water activities, offering the chance to spend an unforgettable day outdoors with family and friends.

Paddleboarding groups: For those interested in meeting other paddleboard enthusiasts, there are several local clubs and meet-up groups in Calgary that regularly organize paddleboard outings and events

If you live in Calgary or are just visiting, why not explore the fun and relaxing activity of paddleboarding? Take advantage of the many locations to spend a day on the water! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the region's paddleboarding areas are sure to be scenic, so you can make the most of your experience. 

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