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woman in front of the 2-second tent

How to quickly fold the Fresh&Black 2 Second Tent

Yes, you can pitch this tent in just 2 seconds, but what happens when it’s time to refold it? Learn how our innovative technology makes this task just as simple.
Finnish skittles on grass

Finnish skittles: Rules of the game

How many points do you need to win? How do you set up the skittles? Learn to play Finnish skittles, a fun and easy outdoor game!

How to choose a bow

Plastic, wood, or metal: there are many types of bows, but it’s important to know which to choose.

How to choose a beginner golf set?

Have you been bitten by the golf bug after tagging along with a friend to the links? Eager to start practising with your own gear? Whether you’re looking for a set or individual clubs, follow these tips to find out how to choose the best equipment for beginners.
person changing a bike inner tube

How to choose the right inner tube

To choose the right inner tube, you need to determine three things: the size of your wheel, the width of your tire and the type of valve that is compatible with your wheel rim.
woman just hit the golf ball

How to choose golf clubs?

Fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters . . . Find out how to pick the right golf club!
woman doing yoga

How to choose a yoga mat

There are many different types of yoga to choose from, and a yoga mat is a must-have accessory for your practice. Follow our guide to find the one that’s best suited to your needs!
Une femme escalade une paroi rocheuse

Climbing: everything you need to know

Want to learn to climb? Climbing is a thrilling activity that comes in many forms and can be practiced inside, outside, or both. The most common styles of climbing are: bouldering, traditional rock climbing, top rope, sport climbing, ice climbing, and speed climbing. Welcome to the world of climbing!

Our latest sports advice

Cardio Made Easy: Find the Best Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

Cardio Made Easy: Find the Best Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts

Are you interested in exercising at home? Incorporating cardio exercise equipment into your routine can have many benefits for your health and fitness. Explore our selection of top-rated cardio training machines to help you achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home.
Race Across France : deux québécois participent à l'édition 2023

Race Across France : two quebecers will be part of the 2023 edition

Two daring Decathlon Quebecers have embarked on an incredible challenge: the Race Across France. What exactly is this grueling event? What are the objectives?
Les meilleures chaussures pour courir en hiver

The best running shoes to run in winter

When it comes to running in cold weather, it's essential to have the right footwear that can withstand the elements.
Comment apprendre à faire de la draisienne à mon enfant?


Votre enfant a d’abord besoin de bien maîtriser la marche avant d’apprendre à faire de la draisienne. Comment l’accompagner dans cette découverte?
Comment apprendre à son enfant à faire du vélo?

Teaching your kids how to ride a bike

Apprendre à son enfant à faire du vélo, c’est lui apprendre à contrôler ses gestes tout en tenant compte des éléments extérieurs. Voici nos conseils.
Comment transporter facilement vos affaires à vélo?

How to easily carry your belongings on a bike?

Contrairement à ce que vous pensez peut-être, vos affaires du quotidien ne sont pas un frein à vos déplacements à vélo.
Aller au travail à vélo, ça vous tente?

Biking to work, an interest of yours?

Vous avez beau faire et refaire les trajets et vos calculs, (re)manier les itinéraires... l'évidence s'impose. La solution, vous l'aviez sous les yeux
Quelle taille de vélo choisir pour vos enfants?

What size bike to choose for your kids?

Parce que pour faciliter l'apprentissage et l'épanouissement lors de vos balades en famille, il est essentiel de trouver la bonne taille de vélo!
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