Winter socks:
a mini-guide

Staying warm on cold winter days means having the right gear from toe! We'll help you find the best socks for all your favourite winter activities.

family tobogganing

So many sports, so many socks! 
Did you know that different types of sports socks are designed to meet specific needs?
Did you also know that the warmest socks are not always the thickest? Keep reading to learn more!

Ski socks

Designed for: Hitting the slopes on your skis or snowboard.

These socks are usually longer and thicker, to provide extra comfort with your ski or snowboard boots. Several designs include plush loops on the shins and soles of the feet, which gives extra protection for these sensitive areas.

Choose a blend of natural and synthetic materials for optimal performance:
- The wool in the insole insulates feet from the cold, absorbs moisture, and reduces odours.
- The polyamide makes socks more durable and easy to care for.
- The polyester resists friction and helps wick away moisture.

Also suitable for: Most winter activities where comfort is key (curling up by the fire with a good book, skating on an outdoor rink, building a snow fort with the kids, drinking hot chocolate, etc.).

adult ski sock
hiking sock

Hiking socks

How warm you need your hiking socks to be will vary depending on the temperature and your level of exertion. Choose natural fabrics such as wool and silk, especially for an area that’s quite sensitive to cold: your toes!

As a natural fibre that wicks away moisture, Merino wool is your best bet on cold, damp days. As you know, it’s almost impossible to get warm once your feet are wet.

- Reinforced heel for improved durability.
- Knit prevents blisters on top of your foot (metatarsus).
- Ventilation at the ankle and on the sides of the instep.

Merino wool running socks

Designed for: Running outside, even in the winter

Running outside in the winter requires good foot and ankle protection. Socks designed specifically for running in the winter will stay put better and protect against the friction and irritation that runners sometimes experience. For example, if you wear ski socks while running, your shoes might feel too tight and your feet may even get cold faster.

- 70% Merino wool (reduces odours).
- Elastic in the middle of the foot keeps sock in place.
- Plush loops and PTFE thread at toes and heel prevent blisters.
- Higher insole protects the uncovered part of the leg between running pants and shoes.

Merino Wool High Running Socks
Pilates Non-slip Socks - Men

Non-slip socks

Designed for: Optimal comfort and grip during your yoga and Pilates sessions.

Wearing non-slip yoga and Pilates socks lets you focus on your moves and enjoy your session without worrying about slipping. Plus, they’ll keep your feet warm, even if the floor is cold. It’s difficult to truly relax when your toes are freezing!

- Silicone dots on the sole prevent you from slipping.
- Knit material absorbs and wicks away sweat.
- Additional heel support.

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