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What are the best hiking trails near Vancouver?

There are so many popular hikes to try out in and around Vancouver, many of which are just a short drive from downtown, with dense forests and beautiful views of the West Coast.

Whether you're an experienced hiker or a new to hitting the trails, there are hikes to be found for all levels of hikers, with both longer and shorter trips for all effort levels. Any time of year is good for hiking in Vancouver, just make sure you have the right hiking boots and gear for the season before you head out to take in the fresh air and amazing views.

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Mount Seymour

(Moderate to Difficult) 9 km. round trip  - Approximately 5 hr.

This is a great hiking spot on Vancouver's North Shore. There are three different peaks to choose from, all offering stunning views that are very much worth the trip. Take in the sights of the surrounding snow-capped mountain views and breathe in that fresh mountain air! This hike is rated as moderate-to-difficult, so inexperienced hikers should be forewarned as they may find it to be a relatively challenging hike. It's a good idea to be well equipped with quality hiking gear, water and snacks to fuel you along the way. 

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Lighthouse Park

(Easy) 6 km. loop - Approximately 2 hr. 

The popular hiking trails in this beautiful park in West Vancouver are suitable for hikers of all levels as they are not too challenging at all with minimal elevation gain. This is a lovely trail to get some fresh air and catch some excellent views with friends or family. There are so many beautiful trees along the way and small hidden sandy beaches if you feel like taking a break from your walk to take it all in. 

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Lynn Canyon

(Easy) 1.5 km. loop - Approximately 1-1.5 hr.

This is a short but lovely walking trail in Lynn Valley that is great for families. It is not challenging at all, yet it does offer some spectacular scenery. From the suspension bridge to waterfalls, the boardwalk, deep canyon and beautiful clear pool; Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver has spectacular views that everyone can enjoy. There are many routes to choose from, so you can plan your trip according to what you want to see. 

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Cypress Falls 

(Easy) 3 km. loop - Approximately 1.5 hr.

This is another beautiful park on Vancouver's North Shore that is definitely worth the trip. A short walk through the dense forest and beautiful scenery will bring you to two beautiful waterfalls. This is not a steep hike at all, so it's a great option for average hikers of all ages and levels of fitness. Be sure to equip little ones with proper hiking footwear. Even though they may be new to the activity, they'll have a much better experience with the right shoes for the sport.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that anyone can enjoy. Take the time to check on reviews before setting out for your hike, as this will give you an idea of how challenging each hiking trail is and what type of views you can expect to see. Many hikes in Vancouver are suitable for moderate level hikers and they offer spectacular ocean views and mountain views. BC parks are known for their lush vegetation and old-growth forest. So, lace up your hiking shoes and head out to explore!


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