The benefits of karate

Karate is a combat sport that offers many health benefits. Plus, kids can do it too! Children as young as six years old can take classes; and some clubs even offer a “baby karate” class for children ages four and up.

Child and adult doing karate

What skills does karate develop?

Generally speaking, karate requires coordination and balance.

Karate helps children develop both sides of their bodies equally and also improves their fine motor skills. Learning karate moves helps cultivate memory, concentration, and coordination. By working in pairs or as a group while training, kids also get to form new friendships.

two young boys doing karate
two men doing karate kicks

Karate is a great way for teens and young adults to channel their energy, blow off steam, and learn discipline and respect for others.

Karate is an excellent way for practitioners between 30 and 40 to maintain general physical fitness, feel good, and stay flexible. It also provides a great cardio, weight training, and endurance workout.

Lastly, practicing "katas" (set sequences of moves) is ideal for seniors, as these series of movements help maintain muscle mass and improve balance.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

Some benefits of karate are almost immediate. Despite the physical challenge, you will most likely feel energized after your very first lesson.

Other benefits, such as improved muscle strength, are a natural result of the effort you put into training regularly.

four children doing karate

When is a good time to start?

Ideally in September, when the school year starts. However, many clubs take new members throughout the year.

Want to learn karate? Learn about clubs in your city. Find a club that right for you, and get started!