Pêche sur glace au Québec : où pratiquer cette activité en hiver?

Ice fishing in Quebec: Where to practice this winter activity

Dive into the magic of ice fishing in Quebec. Discover the best spots, helpful tricks and tips to be properly equipped for this unique winter adventure!

Ice fishing in Quebec: Spots, techniques and tips for an unforgettable experience. Ice fishing in Quebec is a unique way to enjoy the winter season. The most coveted spots for this activity include frozen lakes like Lac Saint-Jean and Lake Memphremagog. Popular types of ice fishing are yellow perch and pike fishing which are done with bait, like worms and others, or with lures. Don't forget to dress warmly, to check the thickness of the ice and to bring equipment to enjoy this activity safely. Here are our tips for a great ice fishing outing! 

Pêche sur glace au Québec : où pratiquer cette activité en hiver?

What is ice fishing?

Ice fishing is a winter fishing activity practiced on frozen lakes and rivers. It consists of piercing a whole in the ice in order to access the water below, then using baits and special techniques to trap the fish. This fishing practice is popular in regions where the winters are very cold and the frozen bodies of water provide the ideal environment for the winter activity. 

Pêche sur glace au Québec : où pratiquer cette activité en hiver?

What is the best time of year for ice fishing? 

Ice fishing is generally practiced during the coldest period of the winter, when the ice is thick enough to support the weight of those fishing. The ideal time for ice fishing will vary between regions, but generally it starts at the end of the fall and will last until the beginning of spring. It is, of course, very important to check the local ice conditions and to follow safety recommendations before heading out on the ice. 

Where to ice fish in Quebec... 

In Quebec, ice fishing enthusiasts are lucky to have many different locations to choose from for this winter activity. Here are a few of the most popular:

1. The Laurentians: This region is full of frozen lakes that are perfect for ice fishing. The Laurentians offer a variety of fish, mostly speckled trout and pike. Lac Saint-Joseph and Lac Simon are some of the most popular for ice fishing.

2. The Charlevoix region: The Charlevoix is known for its picturesque landscapes and lakes. Ice fishing enthusiasts particularly appreciate Lac Saint-Jean, which houses a large population of yellow walleye. 

3. The Lower Saint-Lawrence and the Gaspé: The coastal regions of the Lower Saint-Lawrence and the Gaspé offer unique ice fishing opportunities. You can fish lake trout, herring, rockfish and other types of fish in the cold waters of these regions.

4. The region of Quebec City: The surrounding areas of Quebec City offer many frozen lakes and rivers. Lac Saint-Augustin and Lac Beauport are some of the most frequented by local fishing enthusiasts.

5. Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean: This region is known for its vast areas of frozen water, most notably Lac Saint-Jean. Ice fishing enthusiasts find exceptional opportunities her to catch yellow walleye, grey trout and lake trout. 

Pêche sur glace au Québec : où pratiquer cette activité en hiver?

Which fish to catch when ice fishing?

Ice fishing in Quebec offers the possibility of catching a diverse range of fish. Among the fish that are most commonly caught are trout, pike, yellow walleye, lake trout and rock bass. The types of fish vary according to the region and the specific lake you choose to fish on. 

Pêche sur glace au Québec : où pratiquer cette activité en hiver?

Technical equipment for ice fishing

Choosing your equipment
When ice fishing, your choice of equipment is crucial. You will need a fishing rod that is specially designed for this activity, adapted baits and other tools like augers to pierce holes in the ice.

Traditional and modern techniques
Ice fishers use a variety of techniques, from traditional methods like angling to more modern techniques like electronic sensor fishing to catch fish under the ice. 

Safety on the ice
Safety is the most important aspect of ice fishing. It is essential to ensure that the ice is sufficiently thick and solid, to have proper safety equipment like life jackets, and to follow the local ice safety guidelines to avoid accidents. 

Environmental impact and rules to follow

Good practices for sustainable fishing
Ice fishing must be practices in a sustainable manner in order to preserve the aquatic ecosystems. This means respecting the fishing quotas, releasing small fish, and minimizing garbage left on the ice.

Regulations and quotas
It is very important to conform to local fishing regulations, most notably those that concern the fishing seasons, the minimal size of catches and the limits of possession.

Protection of the ecosystems
Ice fishers play a crucial role in the sensibilisation of the need to protect our aquatic ecosystems. By respecting the rules and practicing responsible fishing, they contribute to the preservation of these environments for future generations. 

Pêche sur glace au Québec : où pratiquer cette activité en hiver?

In conclusion, ice fishing in Quebec is a unique winter experience. Beginners can easily try this activity by renting equipment. Small cabins add a warm charm to the fishing experience. Get ready to enjoy memorable experiences in an exceptional frozen landscape! 

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