K-only: how it adapts to all running strides

Discover K-Only running shoes that adapt to all running strides. Our goal? To help you find good running shoes and avoid injuries.

Zoom on K-Only technology

If you’ve ever asked for help when purchasing new running shoes, the store clerk probably asked you to run a few metres in the store or to bring in your old running shoes so they could inspect the soles. That’s because most running shoes are designed for a certain type of running stride (pronator, neutral or supinator).  

The k-only concept

Your risk of injury increases when you wear the wrong type of running shoes. A few years ago, the Decathlon team discovered that one out of every two people did not know their running stride type. The idea behind our K-Only technology was to help prevent injuries by creating running shoes that would work for all strides.

Pronation and supination...what do they mean?

These words refer to the way your feet touch the ground with each stride. Basically, pronation is when the foot rolls inwards as it touches the ground. Supination is the opposite; the outer edge of the foot touches the ground first.
A neutral stride is when the middle of the foot touches the ground and the weight is distributed equally. Running shoes with K-Only technology work for all types of running strides, so you can’t go wrong!

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About the design

A biomechanical study at the Decathlon Sportslab in Lille, France revealed that, during propulsion, 80% of a person’s body weight falls under the big toe joint: the zone responsible for the foot’s balance during each stride.

After researching this phenomenon, our Decathlon engineering teams developed the K-Only concept based on two innovations:
- A dual-density sole that is more firm underneath the big toe joint;
- A Pebax® piece in the middle of the foot to provide more spring and support for front-back transition.

Sounds pretty simple? In fact, the technology is the result of three years of research, and is the first of its kind on the market.

A proven technology 

After numerous tests in the Decathlon Sportslab, a study was conducted by the Luxembourg Institute of Health, a renowned independent organization.

During a six month period, 372 people participated in 12,558 training sessions for a total of 116,723 kilometres run over 12,094 hours. 
The result: confirmation that Decathlon’s running shoes with K-Only technology work for all types of running strides and help prevent injuries. The study findings were even published in the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine in January 2016. 
Now, that’s proof even skeptics will approve!

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Want to try them? 

All of our Kiprun shoes are made with K-Only technology.

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