Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Fishing license in Quebec: regulations and fees 

Get all the necessary info on fishing permits in Quebec: where to get them, what the regulations are, and more tips for a successful season.

Fishing license in Quebec: What you need to know

Fishing is a popular activity in Quebec that offers outdoor enthusiasts many opportunities to explore the wide range of bodies of water in the province. However, before throwing your line in, it is important to understand the different types of fishing permits that are available, how to get them, the associated costs and the specific rules for ice fishing as well as exceptions for fishing without a permit.

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Types of fishing license available in Quebec

Permits for residents
Residents can purchase annual fishing permits, or permits for shorter periods of time, according to their needs. These permits are generally less expensive than those reserved for non-residents and they are good for the entire fishing season.

Permits for non-residents
Non-residents can also purchase a permit, but they will have different fees compared to residents. They can choose between a short-term permit for a quick visit, or a seasonal permit that will allow them to fish regularly throughout the season.

Seasonal permits vs. short-term permits
Those who are planning longer fishing expeditions in the province may want to opt for a seasonal permit, while those who only want to fish for a few days may choose a short-term permit. The costs will vary according to the type of permit.

Special permits for groups and youth
Quebec also offers special permits for groups, such as camps and youth organizations. These permits allow for group fishing outings. Also, there are reduced fees for youth, encouraging the next generation to explore this passion.

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

The process of getting a permit in Quebec

Where and how to buy your fishing permit

In Quebec, fishing permits can be purchased online by visiting the government website, in-person in depaneurs, or in some Service Canada offices. Buying the permit online is often the fastest and most practical way to get a permit. 

Eligibility criteria and required documents

To obtain a fishing permit in Quebec, you must generally provide proof of residence or non-residence, as well as other identification documents, according to your specific situation.

Costs associated with different types of permits in Quebec

The fees for permits vary according to the type of permit, the duration and the residence of the applicant. Fees are updated each year, so it is therefore important to check the current rates before purchasing your permit. 

Period of validity and renewal

Quebec fishing permits have a specific validity period, which is generally one year. To continue to fish legally, it is important to renew your permit once its period of validity is up. 

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Ice fishing and specific permits

Different regulations for winter

Ice fishing is a popular activity in Quebec during the winter season. The rules and regulations vary from province to province, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the specific laws regarding ice fishing.

Permit particularities for ice fishing

Those who practice ice fishing also need a specific permit for this activity. These permits ensure that people respect the safety and conservation rules associated with ice fishing. 

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Fishing in Quebec without a license: is it possible?

No-permit days and exceptions

Quebec offers a few no-permit days each year, generally for the Family Fishing day. There are also certain exceptions for some educational or promotional fishing outings. 

Infringements and consequences

Finally, it is important to understand the legal consequences of regulation infringements in Quebec. 
Fines and penalties may vary according to the gravity of the infringement, so it is important to respect the laws in place so as to preserve the biodiversity and the aquatic resources in the province. 

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Fish species and catch limits

In Quebec, fishing is regulated to ensure sustainability of fish populations. Many species are available, notably Atlantic salmon, trout, walleye, pike and lake trout, among others. However, it is crucial to respect the catch limits in place for each species. These limits vary according to the species, the size of the fish and the fishing period. 

Atlantic salmon, for example, is an iconic fish species in Quebec. Fishing for this type of fish is under strict regulations, most notably daily catch limits and a minimum size required for throwing back the fish that has not been authorized for retention. Dates for salmon fishing may also vary from one river to another, so it is essential to check the specific regulations for each site. 

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Authorized areas

The province offers a diverse range of fishing areas, each with its own specificities. Fishing enthusiasts can choose between rivers, lakes and even the sea in certain coastal regions. Each area has its own rules and regulations, so it is important to get informed before heading out for a fishing adventure. 

Quebec rivers are renown for Atlantic salmon fishing. Each river will have specific regulations regarding fishing periods, quotas, and authorized fishing practices. Lakes and other bodies of water will offer other varieties of fish like the walleye, pike or speckled trout. 

Permis de pêche au Québec : règlementation et tarif

Different types of fishing

Fishing enthusiasts have many different types of fishing to choose from, such as sport fishing, fly fishing, troll fishing, ice fishing and many others. Each method may require different authorizations specific to the place and the type of fish. 

Sport fishing is one of the most popular types, where fishers use traditional fishing rods to catch fish. Fly fishing is a refined technique that requires precision and patience. Troll fishers use boats to cover large bodies of water looking for active fish. 

In conclusion, fishing in Quebec is a diverse and passionate activity that offers many different species, locations and methods of fishing for all levels. However, it is crucial to respect the regulations, catch limits and period of fishing permitted in order to contribute to the preservation of the province's natural resources and the sustainability of this activity. Before setting out on an excursion, take the time to get informed about the specific rules for your destination and plan your fishing trip properly to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience. 


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