Ski alpin et planche à neige : nos meilleurs produits pour affronter

Downhill skiing and snowboarding: Our best products for the slopes

Whether you're an experienced skier looking for some new equipment, or a beginner snowboarder searching for the best gear, Decathlon has a wide range of products to meet all needs for all levels. 

You can't wait to hit the slopes this winter, but you don't know what gear you need? Don't worry! We've got a complete guide to help you make the best choice. Whether you're looking for a snowboard, a pair of skis, ski clothing or accessories, our ski and snowboard leader, Antoine, is here to help you with your selection!

 Ski alpin et planche à neige : nos meilleurs produits pour affronter

The best Decathlon products for downhill skiing

Our boots and skis according to level of experience

When it comes to hitting the downhill ski slopes, Decathlon has a range of quality products to meet the needs of all types of skiers. First of all, it is important to identify your ski level in order to find the right gear for you.

If you are a beginner skier, our expert recommends the 100 range of products that include skis and boots that are specially designed for beginners. If you have other athletic experience, or you want to progress more quickly with this sport, the more technical 500 range of products may be a good choice for you.

"The 550+ range with quality boots, like the 580 boots, will be more suitable for intermediate levels" says Antoine. For improved comfort, accessories like ski poles, all-weather lens goggles and breathable ski jackets can also be found in this range. 


For expert skiers, our ski leader recommends "the high-end 950+ range of products", with top-quality ski boots. Designed with a wide waist and elongated tip to catch turns and remain stable on different types of snow. Antoine also notes that these products offer performance that is comparable to well-known brands, at more affordable prices. 

 Ski alpin et planche à neige : nos meilleurs produits pour affronter

Our ski clothing

It is important to stay warm and dry while you are out on the snowy slopes. Our ski and snowboard leader highly recommends wearing multiple layers, according to your ski level. "When layering clothing, the base layer is essential", explains Antoine. For beginners, he recommends opting for a base layer with a fleece lining because it will keep beginner skiers warm, especially on very cold days. 

For more advanced skiers, a breathable base layer is ideal, because it regulates the body temperature and wicks away moisture. "Whatever your level, it is important to wear a ski jacket or a waterproof shell, or windbreaker," adds Antoine. 

 Ski alpin et planche à neige : nos meilleurs produits pour affronter

The best Decathlon products for snowboarding

Our boards and bindings according to level of experience

For beginners, it is recommended to start with a snowboard from our 100 range of products that are simple and designed for learning. It's a good idea to go with a basic style of board that will often feature a flat camber. These boards offer good stability and make it easier to learn and hold your balance, which is great for your first runs on the hills.

If you are a more experienced snowboarder, we recommend "more technical boards with regular camber". These snowboards are perfect for improving your technique and mastering turns, whether on the trail or in fresh powder. The Park & Ride 500 Snowboard is also recommended for people who want to master turns in fresh powder." It is also a great board for anyone looking for versatility in their gear! 

Experienced snowboarders should look to our high-end snowboards that generally pair with superior quality boots and bindings. The snowboards in our 900 range are designed for exceptional performance in all conditions, whether carving on the hills or freeriding off the trails. 

 Ski alpin et planche à neige : nos meilleurs produits pour affronter

Our snowboarding clothing

Snowboarders should look for robust clothing that can withstand friction with the snow and uneven surfaces. Snow pants and jackets designed specially for this activity will generally feature strong materials and reinforcement in areas like the knees and backside. 

Our ski and snowboard leader says, "These reinforcements offer additional protection against the cold and abrasions, which is essential because snowboarders will often have their backsides in contact with the snow, both when they are attaching their boots to the bindings and when they experience falls while snowboarding." The extra protection on the knees and backside offer better shock absorption and minimize the risk of injury. 

Our must-have accessories

Some of our must-have accessories are: warm gloves to protect your hands from the icy cold, technical socks for optimal comfort in your boots, and quality helmets to ensure your safety in the case of a fall. A hood or balaclava to keep your head warm, and a neck warmer or mask to protect your face from the elements are also essential. 

One of the key accessories that sets Decathlon apart is our photochromic goggles. "The lens is designed to automatically change according to the ambient light. This means you won't have to worry if the weather suddenly changes while you are on the mountain", explains Antoine. 

 Ski alpin et planche à neige : nos meilleurs produits pour affronter

Now you have everything you need to maximize your enjoyment and safety while downhill skiing or snowboarding! If you'd like more advice on the subject, stop by one of our stores to speak with a Decathlon teammate who would be happy to help you! Enjoy the slopes! 

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