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Discover paddleboarding in Quebec

A cross between surfing and kayaking, paddleboarding is also known as stand-up paddling or SUP. The water sport took off in the early 2000s, and continues to grow in popularity today. It’s a great way to get outside and explore Quebec's impressive waterways.

Whether it's a getaway with friends or family, or on your own, this activity is a great way to recharge your batteries while having fun on the water. In this article, we'll explore the different places to paddleboard in Quebec and some tips on how to get started.

Découvrez les plaisirs de la planche à pagaie au Québec

Best places to go paddleboarding in Quebec

There is no shortage of bodies of water to go paddleboarding in Quebec. Here are a few of the most popular spots:

  • Parc Jean-Drapeau: Ideal destination for facing small waves and learning the basics of paddleboarding. There are equipment rentals available on site.

  • Boucherville Islands National Park: Dedicated to outdoor activities, this Sépaq park offers calm water trails for a SUP outing without taking you too far from Montreal.

  • Oka National Park: Located near Montreal, this park offers a superb beach and calm water for paddleboarding. You'll also enjoy beautiful views of the Lake of Two Mountains and the Oka hills.

  • Lake Memphremagog: This large lake in the Eastern Townships is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Rent a board and explore the lake's many islands and coves.

  • Ottawa River: Cross the peaceful waters of this famous river while admiring the view of the region's hills.

  • Lac Delage: Just 30 minutes from Quebec City, Lac Delage offers a picturesque setting for first-time paddleboarders. Rentals are available on site, as well as SUP lessons.

  • Mauricie National Park: This magnificent region is home to hundreds of lakes. The tranquil waters of Lac Édouard and Lac Wapizagonke are ideal for an introduction to SUP.

  • Baie de Beauport: Just a few minutes from the city, Baie de Beauport is a paradise for water activities, paddleboarding included. Enjoy the beautiful views of Île d'Orléans and Mont-Sainte-Anne.

  • Missisquoi River: Close to Glen Sutton and the Diable Vert, this river is perfect for floating along and enjoying the moment.

  • Saguenay Fjord National Park: L'Anse-Saint-Jean is a popular starting point for sea kayaking and paddleboarding. Rental services are available on-site.

  • Monts-Valin National Park: Discover the maze of the Valin River at your own pace.

Découvrez les plaisirs de la planche à pagaie au Québec

Put your skills to the test

For those looking for a challenge or want to put their skills to the test, there are also places where you can enjoy this activity in a more exhilarating way:

Lachine Rapids : For the more experienced paddleboarders, the famous Lachine Rapids offer a major challenge with their whitewater waves.

Rouge River  Located in the Laurentians, this river is renowned for its rafting courses, but is also suitable for thrill-seeking paddleboarders.

Bonaventure River : Head to the Gaspé Peninsula to tackle class 1 and 2 rapids and watch the salmon run in the river's crystal-clear waters. Since access to the river is restricted, we encourage you to go with Cime Aventures.

Découvrez les plaisirs de la planche à pagaie au Québec

Everything you need to know to get started

Choosing your board

Before you head out to explore lakes and rivers, it's important to choose the right board for your ability. You can opt for a hard board, which is often faster and more stable, or an inflatable board, which is lighter and easier to carry. Beginners may prefer a wide, stable board to make learning easier.

The right equipment

In addition to your board, you'll also need the right equipment to practice this activity safely. A lifejacket is essential, even if you know how to swim, as it provides extra buoyancy in the event of an accident. You'll also need a paddle suitable for your height and a leash to tether your ankle to the board.

Découvrez les plaisirs de la planche à pagaie au Québec

Participate in events and get-togethers

If you're passionate about paddleboarding and would like to meet other paddleboarders, there are a number of events and get-togethers organized throughout Quebec:

Races: Whether for pleasure or competition, you can take part in SUP races over a variety of distances and courses.

Workshops: Workshops and training courses are offered regularly to learn the basics and advanced techniques.

Guided outings: Explore Quebec's most beautiful landscapes and bodies of water on excursions led by experienced guides.

Don't wait any longer to discover the fun of paddleboarding in Quebec! Whether you want to enjoy the calm waters of lakes and rivers, or take on challenging rapids, this water sport activity is sure to be an outdoor adventure you won’t forget

Découvrez les plaisirs de la planche à pagaie au Québec

Learning the right technique

To start paddling on your board, you'll need to get comfortable in a stable position:

Stand in the center of the board, with your feet hip-width apart.

Hold your paddle firmly, with one hand on the shaft and the other on the T-bar grip (the handle).

While keeping your arms straight, paddle on alternating sides to move forward.
When you want to turn, paddle on one side only, pivoting your torso slightly while maintaining balance.

Note that it may be easier to start by kneeling on the board, then gradually stand up once you're comfortable with both the balance and paddling technique.

Découvrez les plaisirs de la planche à pagaie au Québec


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