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8 Motivating reasons to run this fall

Fall is the best season to run! Cooler weather means you won’t sweat as much. Plus, fall foliage makes the trails more beautiful than ever.

1. Enjoy perfect weather

Mild temperatures, clear skies, and soft, warm light—the perfect combo for exercising outside. Lacing up your running shoes is an excellent way to get your daily dose of sunshine and enjoy the last warm days of the year.

2. Avoid the seasonal blues

Staying active has a huge impact on your mood. Running is great for your physical health, but also for your mental health. It can help clear your mind and release endorphins to lift your spirits. Focusing on the effort distracts you from everything else and helps you deal with stress, so you feel more relaxed. It’s proven!

3. Wear cozier attire

A new running outfit can give you some extra motivation to stick to your training, even in bad weather. So, how should you dress to run in the fall? You could wear a breathable base layer and a sleeveless running vest with pockets for your keys and phone. Or, keep wearing your summer running gear under a warm running jacket. Later in the season, you’ll need a headband, gloves, and neckwarmer, plus reflective gear and lights to run in the dark.

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4. Enjoy colourful leaves and landscapes

Can’t get enough of the fall foliage? Run the same path every few days and you’ll be able to see your favourite trees go through every shade of yellow, orange, and red. Now is the time to take it all in!

5. Make the most of the evening light

Days are getting shorter, and soon you’ll need a headlamp to run at night. But not yet! Get your daily dose of sunshine on your post-workday runs while you can. Golden hour, here we come!

6. Do a good deed

“Plogging” is the Swedish word for running while picking up trash off the trails. Wear gloves, take a garbage bag with you, and clean up your favourite nature spots before the first snowfalls. It can add some purpose to your runs! Plus, if you squat every time you pick up something, you’ll get a strength training workout out in too. Triple win!

7. No chance of overheating

If you were running throughout the summer heat, then your performances are sure to improve as the temperatures gets more forgiving. And if you’re new to the sport, starting now will be easier than trying to push through hot summer weather. Keep your pace down, and you’ll barely sweat (Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!)

8. Avoid cabin fever

After a while, staying home all day can take a toll on your mental health. Running gives you a reason to get out and explore nature, whether for 20 minutes or an hour. Take care of yourself, go at your own pace, and learn to love running. Now, time to lace up and go!

What is motivating YOU to run this fall?

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