7 Hiking trails handpicked just for you

Now you can hike a few of our team’s favourite hiking trails located near Decathlon stores in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia. You'll find hikes of all levels, great for the whole family! 


Discover our team’s favourite spots (not far from our stores!) to take go for a hike. We've found stunning hikes for all levels: from family paths to challenging mountain trails. Now you can chase panoramic views close to home, while keeping your heart rate at a healthy pace. Let's hike! 

two women mountain hiking with fog

Station loop, stoneham-et-tewkesbury

Location: About 40 km from Decathlon Sainte-Foy
Level: Intermediate. You’ll definitely break a sweat!

Want to get a good cardio workout in? This hiking trail at Stoneham Mountain Resort has a 632-metre elevation, and the view is totally worth it. The Station Loop trail (9.5 km) takes about 2 hours to complete.

“When you’re hiking at a ski resort…you have to expect some steep inclines! I love this forest trail because of how beautiful the trees are. This hike is definitely an endurance challenge, but it’s still accessible to most people.”
Bénédicte, Decathlon Canada

hiking with friends in the sunlight

Parc-nature de la pointe-aux-prairies

Location: About 25 km from Decathlon Centre Eaton
Level: Family-friendly. Easy stroll, great for kids!

This park takes up a good chunk of the eastern part of the island of Montreal—a short commute and a great escape for city-dwelling nature lovers! You'll see huge leafy trees and enjoy over 15 km of hiking trails, including 4.3 km in the Marsh section).

“On the Island of Montreal, there is Parc-nature de la Pointe-aux-Prairies, in Pointe-aux-Trembles. The hiking paths are family-friendly, and you can usually spot a family of deer and several bird species during your visit.”
Sarah, Decathlon Centre Eaton

couple walking in the mountains with a sunset

Lac à l’appel hike,
réseau inter-centre

Location: About 100 km from Decathlon Boisbriand
Level: Intermediate. Some challenging sections.

Located in the heart of the Laurentides, Réseau Inter-Centre is a network of free hiking and cross-country skiing trails you can enjoy year-round.

“The Lac à l’Appel hike is fun for seasoned hikers and those looking to gain experience.
Located on Montagne Noire, this trail has a few steep sections but is otherwise pretty relaxed. I love this excursion because it leads to a lake and a small lodge where you can truly relax and enjoy nature. You can even rent the lodge overnight if you want to spend more time in these wonderful landscapes!”
Josiane, Decathlon Boisbriand

child exploring the ground on a hike

Mont saint-hilaire

Location: About 30 km from Decathlon Brossard
Levels: All. Great for families!

If you live near Mont Saint-Hilaire, you probably already know the “Pain de sucre” trail (the one with the 360-degree view at the summit!). To avoid the crowds, try the Dieppe trail instead, which clocks in at 8.2 km and offers an equally beautiful view of the Richelieu River.

“Mont Saint-Hilaire can be so much fun! It’s accessible for the whole family and the view is rad. This hike isn’t the most challenging, but I’d still recommend wearing hiking boots.”
Gabriel, Decathlon Canada

couple taking a break during a hike

Carbide willson ruins

Location: About 25 km from Decathlon Ottawa
Level: Beginner. Good for kids, under 5k distance.

Check out the Ottawa region’s beloved Gatineau Park! This trail is a favourite among hikers and photographers of all levels. Walk by Meech Lake and explore the ruins of the fascinating inventor, Thomas Willson’s factory, where he manufactured marine buoys and lighthouse beacons.

“This trail starts in the P11 parking lot at O’Brien Beach, in Gatineau Park. Among other things, this hike will take you to the old “Carbide” Willson ruins, which are absolutely breathtaking.”
Sophie and Egor, Decathlon Ottawa

couple hiking on a rocky trail

Grindstone creek via waterdown trail

Location: About 10 km from Decathlon Burlington
Level: Easy to intermediate.

With Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment nearby, Hamilton is a prime destination for outdoor activities in the GTA. Fun fact: This city has over 100 waterfalls. Astonishing!

“The Grindstone Creek via Waterdown Trail is a 4.5-kilometre trail just a 10-minute drive from Mapleview Mall. This out-and-back forest trail, which opens with a waterfall and follows a creek, should take about 1.5 hours to complete if you don’t take any breaks. The trail is rated easy but does have a few ups and downs as well as tree roots on the path. This is a great hike for adults and kids to explore their local forest, and relax by the water. 
Hikers looking for a greater challenge can continue along the trail to Smokey Hollow. This adds another 5.8 km to your hike and bumps the rating up to moderate.”
Trevor, Decathlon Burlington

couple walking on the cliff overlooking the peninsula

Duncan’s cove trail 

Location: About 30 km from Decathlon Dartmouth
Level: Intermediate. You’ll need hiking boots!

There are two must-haves for going on this hike: good, non-slip, waterproof shoes (it gets muddy!) and a camera (the views are spectacular). Bring binoculars to scope out the cargo ships coming and going from the Halifax Harbour.

“Situated on the Chebucto Peninsula in HRM about 19 kilometres from the city centre is truly one of the most scenic coastal hikes in Halifax. It’s not the easiest to park, but we promise the hike is worth it. All together this hike is about 8 km and provides views of rugged granite cliffs and crevices pounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean. Proceed with caution, but you may just catch the most perfect weather, wave, and fresh air you've had in a while.”
Emily, Decathlon Dartmouth


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