Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

Regardless of whether you're an athlete, a devotee of Sunday morning yoga sessions, or just someone seeking comfort for your casual neighbourhood jogs, there's one piece of athletic apparel that persistently evolves and consistently presents an expanding array of options: Leggings.

Once exclusively a gym attire staple, leggings have successfully broken down barriers to integrate seamlessly into our everyday wear, masterfully blending functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. In the realm of fitness and far beyond, leggings have evolved beyond a mere fashion trend to become an indispensable component of our wardrobes. In this article, we will guide you through the diverse types of leggings available, each tailored to a specific purpose, assisting you in finding the perfect pair that aligns with your physical activity needs.

Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

Different fabric for different leggings: Durability meets comfort

Using the right type of legging and material can transform your workout and increase your comfort, especially if you wear them for sports activities.

Polyester-spandex leggings: For intense workouts

They are known for their resilience, lightness, and ability to repel moisture. A key feature for those who love high-intensity workouts.

Nylon leggings: Fights moisture

Nylon leggings are great for heavy workouts. Ultra-resistant and stretchy, they excel in absorbing moisture, keeping your skin dry and your comfort intact.

Cotton leggings: A second skin

For those engaged in yoga or pilates, leggings made from cotton or a cotton blend provide exceptional softness and commendable breathability, even though they might not be the top choice for moisture control.

Blended wool leggings: Protection from the cold

For outdoor pursuits in chilly conditions, consider choosing leggings made from a blend of wool, designed to keep you warm while helping wick away moisture.

Mesh leggings: A style statement

Mesh leggings are not just functional, they are also incredibly stylish. With their unique design and superior breathability, they add comfort and style to your sports outfit.

Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

The different lengths of leggings

Discover the different sports leggings, catering to all lengths. From short leggings that offer complete freedom during your high-intensity workouts, to long versions providing optimal coverage during your yoga routines. Experience the fusion of comfort, performance, and style that will elevate your athletic prowess to unprecedented heights.

Short leggings, or capris

Short leggings, knee-length leggings, mid-calf leggings and capris are made for individuals practicing yoga or pilates, leggings made from cotton or a cotton blend deliver superior softness and notable breathability, despite not being the premier option for managing moisture.

7/8 leggings

They are a stylish and modern alternative to classic leggings. Their length usually reaches just above the ankle, which creates a visual effect of elongating the legs. These leggings are perfect for a more dressed-up look or for casual wear.

Long leggings

They are the most versatile of all. These ankle-length leggings offer maximum coverage. These leggings are perfect for cooler days. Long leggings are a staple in many women's wardrobes, as they offer great versatility and can be adapted to different sports, activities, styles and occasions.

Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

Leggings for every sport

Transform each workout into an opportunity for self-improvement with leggings that adjust to your rhythm and assist you in reaching your athletic objectives!

Yoga leggings: The perfect blend of stretch and support

They gently hug your curves, offering total freedom of movement while maintaining the necessary support with a comfortable waistband. Whether you practice Vinyasa or Hatha yoga, these leggings accompany you in each posture with comfort and style. Dive into your practice with confidence, thanks to their breathable and stretchy fabric. The perfect blend to help you find harmony between body and mind.

Running leggings: Designed for long distances and maximum comfort

Running leggings are designed to last. Their durable and breathable fabric accompanies each stride, offering lasting comfort. Thanks to their perfect fit and targeted compression leggings, not just in the waistband, these leggings improve performance and reduce muscle fatigue. Face the miles with confidence, knowing that your legs are supported and protected. Head out for a morning jog or a marathon, these leggings are ready to meet every challenge.

Gymnastics leggings: To amplify your workouts

Their stretchy and durable fabric offers maximum mobility, while their fitted cut enhances your silhouette. With their optimal support and unmatched comfort, these leggings allow you to push your limits and achieve exceptional performances. Whether for dance, weightlifting, or pilates, these leggings are your ideal partner for intensive sports practice.

Cycling leggings: The ultimate road companion

Their technical fabric wicks away moisture and offers optimal breathability for high-level performance. With their integrated padding, they offer exceptional comfort during long distances. Their fitted cut and elasticity ensure total freedom of movement. Face the hills, turns, and sprints with confidence, knowing that your legs are supported and protected.

Dance leggings: For graceful movements

Their soft and lightweight fabric allows unparalleled freedom of movement, highlighting the elegance of each gesture. With their fitted cut and stretchability, these garments perfectly hug the body, highlighting the fluidity of your movements. Whether for ballet, contemporary dance, or hip-hop, these full-length leggings offer you the comfort and confidence necessary to express your passion with grace.

Ski leggings and leg warmers: Your ally in cold weather

Their thermal fabric keeps you warm and dry, even in the most extreme conditions. With their insulation and fitted cut, they offer optimal protection against wind and freezing cold. Whether you're racing down the slopes or exploring the powder, these leggings offer exceptional comfort and total freedom of movement.

Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

Everyday leggings: More than just a trend

They have become the real centrepiece of our wardrobes, combining comfort and style on all occasions. Versatile as they are, they adapt to all looks, from casual to chic.

Casual elegance

Enjoy the ease and versatility of leggings for an effortless look, where elegance and relaxation meet harmoniously. Make way for a fashion that combines style and well-being.

Adapting women's leggings to your body shape: Essential tips

Choose a suitable size for a perfect fit. Opt for high-waisted leggings to refine the silhouette. Patterns and colours can create flattering optical illusions. Leggings with side details or cutouts can elongate the legs. For petite women, opt for short leggings. For tall women, long leggings are ideal. Finally, don't forget to feel comfortable and confident in your choices.

Decathlon: Top quality

Our wide range of leggings offer a variety of technical and stylish models, suitable for all disciplines. From running to yoga, through training, each legging combines performance, comfort, and durability. With breathable fabrics, ergonomic cuts, and impeccable finishes, we guarantee you an optimal sports experience.

Quels sont les différents types de leggings?

In summary, there exists a vast array of leggings, each tailored to suit a specific activity or lifestyle. Whether your routine involves sports, yoga, dance, or you simply desire daily comfort, there's a pair of leggings designed just for you. Regardless of your preferences in terms of length, compression, or fabric, you're bound to discover the perfect leggings that will instill both comfort and confidence in you.


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