Top 30 Gift Ideas

Top 30 Holiday Gift Ideas

Find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list this year. Games, clothing, accessories and more for all ages and all activities. 

If you're looking for great gift ideas, you've come to the right place. In this year's gift guide, we've selected a few of our favourite products that are perfect for everyone on your list. Whether it's something for the kids, a little stocking stuffer, a family activity or a special gift for someone special in your life; we've got fun gift ideas for all types of activities. 
Happy gift shopping!


You don't have to break the bank to make a big impression this year!
These small but super useful gifts are sure to please anyone on your list.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Hiking Backpack ($6)

    The best way for them to carry their essentials 
    for every outdoor adventure!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Microfibre Swim Towel ($12)

    For the avid swimmers who would never pass
    up an opportunity for a dip!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Battery-Powered Headlamp ($6)

    Light the way for all of their after-dark excursions 
    with this handy headlamp that's comfy to wear.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Pilates Mat ($6)

    Stretches, Pilates, ab work, meditation...
    There are so many uses for this ultra-comfy mat.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Water Bottle ($11)

    Show them you care about their happiness,
    and also their hydration!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Resistance Band ($12)

    A resistance workout on-the-go? This band 
    lets them work out any time anywhere!


Make their holiday dreams come true with these fun-filled gifts that are guaranteed to please!
From the littlest budding athletes to the bigger kids with energy to burn, these are the best gift ideas for kids.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Balance Kit ($60)

    This fun kit helps little ones work their balance,
    coordination and so much more!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Kids' Hopper Ball ($15)

    Kids will have endless fun bouncing on this 
    cute hopper ball. Catch 'em if you can!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Kids' Punching Bag & Gloves ($70)

    Working on boxing skills is a great way to burn 
    energy and practice movement & agility.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Kids' 3-Wheeled Scooter ($30)

    For the little ones who are ready to start scooting 
    here, there and everywhere!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Badminton Easy Set ($50)

    Kids love striking up a badminton match at a moment's notice. This one is a sure hit!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Soft Archery Kit ($60)

    Precision is the name of the game! Young archers 
    will love this ultra-safe practice kit.


Whatever activity he's into, these gifts are sure to make him smile this year! 

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Merino Base Layer Top ($80)

    Give the gift of a luxurious, ultra-warm base layer. Perfect for any winter adventure!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Steel Tip Dartboard ($35)

    The perfect indoor activity for those who love precision, and a little competition!


    Ski Goggles ($55)

    Let him shield his eyes in style while out 
    on the slopes. These goggles are a must!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Snowshoes ($85)

    Snowy winter trekks are the best. And, with the
    right snowshoes, he'll want to walk for miles!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Sports Bag ($15)

    No matter the sport, this durable bag is the 
    perfect way to transport all his gear.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Set of 12 Golf Balls ($35)

    A must-have for avid golfers. These advanced balls 
    will help him work towards that hole-in-one!


Holiday shopping is easy when the gift ideas are this good. 
She'll be totally thrilled to unwrap these perfect gifts this year. 

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Ski Pants ($160)

    She'll love these stylish ski pants that offer 
    warmth and breathability in all conditions.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Winter Jacket ($55)

    A sleek, waterproof jacket with a great cut! 
    What more could she want? 


    Hiking Backpack ($75)

    This comfortable, resistant backpack will be her 
    go-to for any adventure - big or small!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Yoga Mat ($30)

    For moments when she craving a little zen time.
    This yoga mat is both soft and grippy. Perfection!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Foam Yoga Block ($7)

    A little extra support is always a good thing.
    This yoga block makes tough poses much easier.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Merino Base Layer Top ($80)

    This is the base layer she's been searching for.
    It offers warmth, comfort & breathability.


Don't forget to show yourself a little self-love this season.
While you're holiday gift shopping, why not pick up a treat (or two) for you?!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Weight Training Dumbbells ($85)

    Holiday shopping is a workout, but with 
    these dumbbells, you'll be toned all year.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Adult Ski Helmet ($50)

    Helmets are essential (of course) but this one's 
    so light and comfortable, you'll forget it's there!


    Inflatable Punching Bag ($100)

    Whether you're learning to box or just releasing tension, this punching bag can take it all.

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Mini Golf Set ($25)

    The very best way to perfect your putt. This season, 
    take your golf game to the next level!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Rollnet Table Tennis Set ($30)

    Make sure you're always ready for an impromptu 
    match. Perfect for holiday gatherings!

  • Top 30 Gift Ideas

    Elliptical Trainer ($380)

    It's a big treat (we know!) but you deserve a 
    great way to make fitness a priority. This is it.