Two trail runners in the fall

How to trail run comfortably in the fall

Trail running in the fall is a golden period between the heat and humidity of summer and the chill of winter. Don’t miss out!

Jog along wooded paths while breathing in the invigorating fresh air and forest aromas. Admire the flash of brilliant colors and tune in to the quiet hush of nature. Fall is the perfect season to stretch your legs outside. Follow these helpful tips to run the trails safely all autumn long.

Choose the right path

The first step is to choose an appropriate trail for your level of physical fitness and outdoor experience. In general, trail surfaces are classified into three levels: easy, moderate, and difficult.

fall trail running with the right socks

Find the right socks

Never underestimate the value of a good pair of socks. It’s crucial to wear socks that regulate humidity and temperature to keep yourself and your feet comfortable in the heat of the moment. 

Lace up the right shoes

Trail conditions vary and can change suddenly, especially in the mountains. To run with confidence, opt for shoes that provide good stability on uneven surfaces and protection against rocks and roots.

woman watching the terrain while running on a trail in the fall

Watch your step

In contrast to urban routes, trails rarely provide a flat, even running surface. In the fall, trails are often covered by a bed of recently fallen leaves, hiding rocks, roots, and puddles which can cause injuries if you aren’t paying attention.

Wear bright colors

Fall is also the hunting season. If you’re running in more rural areas, you risk sharing wooded areas with active hunters. It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry, so wear bright colors to alert others to your presence.

Bet on layers

Changes in the weather can often affect your fall running morale. The best way to deal with inconsistent weather conditions is to wear clothes that you can throw on and take off easily, as the temperature fluctuates.

runners who run at a slower pace on the more technical trails

Forget the stopwatch

Unlike road running, your rhythm varies constantly while trail running. It’s not about the time it takes to cover a distance, what really matters is how you feel on the trail. Run when you can, and don’t worry if you need to slow down or walk. Feel free to turn around if the trail becomes too technical.

Be prepared

Before you leave, check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. It’s better to cancel your trail run if the conditions don’t look promising or safe. If your planned route is in a remote area, trail running can pose certain risks. Make sure to always stay on the trail and avoid shortcuts. We recommend that you carry a phone and run with a buddy. In case one of you gets hurt, your buddy is there to help. Now, get out there and have fun!

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