Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

How to prevent bike theft: tips and strategies

Here are some good practices to adopt in order to secure your bicycle.

Unfortunately, bicycle theft is a major problem in many cities and towns and there is no miracle anti-theft device. However, there are ways to minimize the risk of theft. Here are some good practices to adopt in order to secure your bicycle.

Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

Basic tips

Choosing a visible and busy location

Choosing a visible and busy location is one of the best ways to protect your bike from theft. When looking for a parking spot, always opt for an area that has plenty of foot traffic and lots of lighting. This includes busy city streets, parks, or near shops and cafes. Thieves are often deterred by areas with many people around.

Avoiding leaving your bike overnight

Avoiding leaving your bike overnight is one of the simplest yet most effective tips for preventing bike theft. Leaving your bicycle outside for more than a few hours can increase the risk of it being stolen. 

Registering your bike

We strongly encourage you to register your bike on Garage 529, a tracking platform available for iPhone and Android that allows you to find a stolen bike. As a bonus, it's free. You can also get a Garage 529 sticker to affix to your bike's frame. With its tamper-proof security features, the sticker will act as a deterrent to those with bad intentions.

Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

Using good anti-theft accessories

Using good anti-theft accessories is one of the most effective ways to prevent bicycle theft. Investing in a good quality lock is essential, as this can provide an extra layer of protection for your bike. U-locks are generally considered to be the most secure option, as they are difficult to break and cannot be easily removed with bolt cutters or other tools.

Also, once you have locked your bike, remember to always remove all removable accessories (saddle, bottle, pump, headlight, etc.) to avoid having them stolen.

Different types of bike locks and anti-theft devices

Always lock your bike with a good quality lock and avoid cheaper bike locks. There are several types of secure locks and locking options on the market, but for optimal protection, it is best to use two locks with a high level of security. You can also opt for a combination of a U-lock and a cable lock. If so, choose a cable long enough to wrap around both wheels of the bike.

  • Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

    U-shaped locks

    Rather heavy, but very secure, U-shaped locks are among the most effective on the market. U-locks provide a greater bike theft deterrent and are the most secure option as they are difficult to break and cannot be easily removed with bolt cutters or other tools. However, they are not infallible. In addition, the quality of the steel and the level of protection will vary from one model to another. Note: The smaller the shackle on the U-lock, the more difficult it is to break.

  • Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

    Cables & Chains

    Never use a single cable for your main lock, as a motivated person with a good tool can easily cut the cable.

    Using a burly chain is a secure way to lock a frame, but it's also the heaviest option.

Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

How to properly use your lock

You've probably seen the unfortunate image of a front wheel or frame still tied to the bottom of a pole, with the rest of the bike gone. Unfortunately, most cyclists do not lock their bikes properly. In fact, studies show that most stolen bikes are simply not properly locked.

Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

Attach your bike by the frame and to a fixed point

Always attach your bike by the frame. If you can easily remove the front wheel, lock it next to the rear wheel by passing the U-lock through both wheels and the frame. Never lock the front wheel alone. Additionally, make sure to orient the lock hole of the U-lock downward to minimize the risk of theft.

Always attach your bike to a solid fixed point securely anchored to the ground (e.g. bike rack, parking meter, or metal post). Otherwise, you risk having it stolen quickly. Avoid locking your bike to a point that is easy to break (e.g. fence or small tree).

How to secure an electric bike?

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular and, as such, it's important to take steps to prevent them from being stolen. Securing an electric bike is a bit different than securing a traditional bicycle, as electric bikes often have more expensive parts that need to be protected.

The battery on an electric bike is a hot item. After locking your bike, always remember to remove the battery. Check with your insurance company to see if your electric bike (or other valuable bike) is covered against theft.

Comment protéger efficacement son vélo contre le vol?

What to do in case of theft?

If your bike is stolen, notify the police. If you bought your bike new, remember to keep your receipt, as it may come in handy if something goes wrong.

Tip: keep the receipt and the serial number of the bike and take a picture of your bike to make it easier to deal with your insurance company if your bike is stolen.

Who to contact and how to report the theft?
In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, it's important to contact the police and report the theft as soon as possible. This can help increase the chances of recovering your bike. When reporting a theft, be sure to provide detailed information, such as your bike's make, model, serial number and any other identifying features.

In conclusion, ensuring the security of your bike is vital to prevent theft. Opt for a robust bike lock, utilize secure parking areas, and consider adding a GPS tracker for ultimate protection. Don't let your passion be stolen away; take the necessary measures to safeguard your bike with peace of mind.


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