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How to pack and organize a hunting backpack

Hunters need to carry a lot of gear and accessories. Follow these tips to pick the right bag and pack it like a pro!

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How many litres do you need?

Make sure your hunting pack is the right size for your trip. Things to consider:
- What do you hunt, and how long do you hunt for?
- What will your surroundings be (plains, mountains, woods, etc.)?
- How about the weather forecast?
Obviously, you'll need to pack more gear for cold, rainy weather, and multiple-day trips.

As a rule of thumb, most hunters need 30 L or less for day trips.

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What’s the best way to pack?

Should heavy items go on the top, or at the bottom? Actually, neither! You should try to pack heavy items along the back side of your backpack, so the centre of gravity stays as close to your body as possible.

Next, pad the bottom of your bag with light, bulky items such as blankets, sleeping bags, and extra jackets. When packing the remaining items, make sure to balance the load evenly on the right and left sides.

Lastly, pack items that you might need to access quickly on top.

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What about pouches?

Travel pouches are great for stashing smaller items. With your pack well organized, you’ll waste less time looking for what you need (and make less noise, too!).

You could have one pouch for first aid, one for your survival kit, one for snacks, etc.

As for ammunition, there are special pouches for bullets and cartridges.

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Adjusting your hunting pack

A well-adjusted pack will not only prevent injuries, it will also make the load feel lighter! If your backpack has a volume of 30 L or more, 70% of the load should rest on your hips, and no more than 30% on your shoulders.

The belt should fit snugly on your hips, and the shoulder straps should be just slightly loose. This will ensure that your hips are carrying most of the weight.

On some backpacks, the back panel can be adjusted to your own measurements; if that’s not an option, use the other straps to get an optimal fit.

Enjoy your hunt!

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