How to choose your snowshoes

If you're looking for an alternative to skiing or snowboarding this winter, why not give snowshoeing a try? It's a terrific workout that lets you enjoy the great outdoors.

people jumping while wearing snowshoes

When choosing your first pair of snowshoes, you may not know where to start. We'll give you tips on a few of the main factors to consider. As with any sports equipment, you want to make sure you have the right fit and the right model for the type of activity you will be doing. The intensity of this sport can vary quite a bit depending on the terrain you will be crossing, so keep in mind the location you'll choose for your snowshoeing adventures. Now, let's get started!

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Your weight

One of the first factors to consider when choosing your snowshoes is your body weight. As a general rule, the heavier you are, the larger your snowshoes should be. The weight will be more evenly distributed over the larger surface, making it easier for you to move through the snow.

You may also want to consider what you will be carrying while you snowshoe. A heavy backpack will have an impact on your overall weight, so think about whether you plan on doing longer outings (with lots of gear to carry), or shorter walks with no backpack at all. 

The type of snow

When choosing your snowshoes, give some thought to the type of terrain you will be practicing on. When snowshoeing across deep, powdery snow, larger snowshoes will provide greater facility of movement. But, when you are walking on packed snow or icy terrain, smaller snowshoes may be preferable as they offer more control.

a person snowshoeing

Incline and intensity

Next, think about whether you plan to snowshoe on flat or mountainous terrain. Also, consider whether you will be taking a leisurely stroll, or picking up the pace and running with your snowshoes? The incline and intensity of your activity will also have an impact on the type of snowshoes you choose.

Try on a few different pairs of snowshoes to see what feels best, and take the time to speak with an in-store Decathlon sports advisor about your level of ability and your expectations for this sport. The sports advisor will be able to help you pick a snowshoe model that best suits your needs. Next, all you have to do is wait for the right conditions and then head out into the snow. Remember that snowshoeing is a cardio-intensive activity, so always be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks whenever you need to.

Happy snowshoeing!

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