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How to choose your ice skates

Buying the right ice skates will make all the difference on the ice. Choose skates that will allow you to practice the sport comfortably. With these tips you’ll be ready to skate the days away!

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7 Tips For Buying Your Ice Skates:
1. Consider the style of skating you want to do. (ex. figure skating, ice hockey, recreational, etc.,)
2. Consider your level of experience. Those with more experience may feel comfortable with a skate that offers more flexibility.
3. Consider your age.
4. Consider the level of support you require.
5. The size should then be based on if you need need more or less supportive ice skates.
6. Think about the material, and what it will allow you to do while ice skating.
7. Take your time, and find the perfect pair.

FIGURE SKATES Figure skates should be flexible because of the movements involved (spinning, jumping, etc.). They are generally made with leather to allow that flexibility. The blades will have toe picks at the front for more control during spins and jumps.

HOCKEY SKATES Hockey skates should have a more loose fit than figure skates and do not have any picks at the front of the blade, which allows for more speed and agility during play.

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Find the right fit for adult ice skating: men and women

It is necessary to get the right fit for your ice skates. Take your time to try a few different options to get the right pair for your feet.

There are two parts of the skate: the boot and the blade. With new ice skates, you want to find a boot size that fits you well. Here are a few things to consider when trying on your new skates.

- What type of socks will you be wearing when you skate? Try the skates on with the type of socks you will be wearing. You want to have room in the boot for thicker socks if it's more comfortable to do so.

- Pay attention to the width of the boot and the length. You want a snug fit all around your foot.

- Consider the height of the boot as well. Is it a height that is comfortable for your leg and ankle? Or does it feel that it will cut into your leg at an uncomfortable place?

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The best adjustable ice skates for kids: toddlers, boys and girls

Some children's skate models are adjustable, which allows you to change the fit as your child's foot grows. 

Buckles can be better than laces for kids to do up themselves. Multiple buckles on the boot also provide additional support for the foot. 

Extra padding inside the boot will give the skate a snug and comfortable fit. You want to be sure of adequate support for the foot and ankle.

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How To Buy Your Ice Skates

Always remember to take care of your skates between skating sessions. Wipe them clean of water, snow or ice once you have finished skating. Protect the blade with a blade guard before storing your skates, and remember to sharpen the blades regularly. When cared for properly, your ice skates should last for many seasons.

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