How to choose your cross-country ski poles

Whether you practice classic or skate cross-country skiing, your poles play an important role.
Not sure how to choose the right ones?
Here are a few helpful tips…

man skiing

Before choosing your cross-country ski poles, there are a few key factors to consider – your physical fitness and level of skiing, the type of wrist strap and grip you need, the required stiffness of the shaft and your height.
When you consider all these points, you’ll be able to choose poles that suit your fitness level, level of practice and your height.

Define your level of practice

According to your objectives, your physical capacity for endurance or your technical expertise, you may practice cross-country skiing for either “leisure”, “sport” or “performance”.
That’s why it’s important to consider these criteria in order to determine your level of practice and identify the equipment you’ll need.

Choose the wrist strap and grip

The selection of wrist strap and grip is all about comfort.

Choose the stiffness of the pole shaft

They type of pole shaft is determined by its stiffness and the power it brings to your glides. 

Choose according to your height

According to the type of cross-country skiing you practice: classic or skate, your choice of poles will be different.