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How (and why) you should run to work

Thinking about running on your commute to or from work? With the right trail running backpack and a bit of planning, you can get started in no time.

Running to work has obvious benefits like saving you time, money and reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you’re a new runner or an experienced marathoner, learn how to make run commuting work for you.

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Benefits of running to work

Good for your health
Obviously, exercising is good for your overall health. Many people also say they feel more focused, energized and relaxed on days they run to (or from) work. We’re pretty sure no one feels that way after getting stuck in traffic!

Saves you time
Speaking of traffic—in Canada, the average daily commute takes 30 minutes each way. Run commuting lets you avoid rush hour while getting good exercise and leaving more free time for everything else.

Helps with motivation
Finding the motivation to exercise after a long day of work can be tricky. If you run home, you’ll be free to relax, cook a nice meal, or spend time with your family as soon as you get in the door.

Good for the earth
Running or biking to work is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The fewer cars on the road, the better. It will also get you thinking about how pedestrian-friendly (or not) your city is and how it could be improved.

Saves you money

In a big city, public transportation costs around $3 per trip—and driving can get even more expensive with parking fees. It may seem like a small amount, but it adds up over time.

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Tips for your run commute 

So, how do you get started? Use these tips for maximum efficiency, safety, and fun while running to work.

Start small
You don’t have to run the whole way, and you don’t have to run every day. Start with once a week and see how it goes—it’s better to change your routine gradually.

Figure out your shower situation
No shower at work? Try commuting “normally” in the morning and running home at night.

Explore different routes
You probably already know the best route to get to work by car, bus, and train. But do you know the best way on foot? Keep exploring to locate pedestrian paths, water fountains, and exciting scenery.

Invest in a good running backpack
Trail backpacks are perfect for run commuters since they’re designed to carry a significant amount of gear over long distances. Thanks to their multiple adjustable straps and ergonomic fit, these backpacks move with you instead of bouncing around.

The benefits of running to (or from) work far outweigh the extra planning and effort required. It’s a great way to make your routine a little more active and eco-friendly. Happy running!

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