Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Winter camping tips

Are you looking for a new challenge, or do you simply love the outdoors in winter?

Although winter camping can be a rich and rewarding experience, it can also be intimidating and challenging if you are not well prepared. From gear and organization to tips on how to keep warm, we'll help you make sense of it all!

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Why go winter camping?

Canada is the perfect place to pitch your tent during winter: snow, magnificent landscapes and forests as far as the eye can see. Winter camping has many perks. You will be able to experience the beauty and peacefulness of a pristine winter wonderland, discover a different way of camping (without bugs!) and enjoy winter activities. Plus, you are sure to get some serious bragging rights.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Essential winter camping gear

Before heading off, it's CRITICAL to have all the right gear. Go winter camping only and ONLY IF you are well prepared.

4-season or winter tent

Invest in a sturdy 4-season or winter tent. It's your home away from home. Your refuge. You need a tent that can withstand the elements (wind, rain, snow, frost). The 4-season tent is a little more insulated than a conventional tent, and helps limit condensation, while being more waterproof.

Tip: get the proper size tent for your group. If a tent is too big or unsuitable for the number of people sleeping in it, you risk losing a lot of heat.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

The right sleeping pad

An insulated sleeping pad is a critical piece of gear for winter camping. That's why you'll need one with an R-value of 4.5 or more. What is an R-value? It measures thermal resistance on a scale from 1 (minimum insulation) to 10 (maximum insulation). In a nutshell, a higher R-value means a warmer pad.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

The right sleeping bag

There's nothing worse than spending an entire night shivering in your sleeping bag. To avoid this, choose a sleeping bag with insulating materials to protect you from the cold: down, goose or duck feather insulation. They have excellent loft and keep body heat inside. Perfect for the cold weather.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Warm clothing, accessories and base layers

We can't stress it enough: the base layer is your friend because it helps regulate your body temperature by wicking away moisture from the skin. A damp base layer will cool your body’s temperature during rest times. Never go to bed with damp clothes. Our star product? Merino wool.

How to stay warm in your tent? Our tips.

Still afraid of getting cold? Here are our tips for keeping the cold at bay.

Layer up

Layering is key to staying comfortable for any outdoor activity. Being able to add and remove layers depending on the weather or your activity is critical.

Make a fire

What could be nicer after a full day outdoors than warming your bones by the fire with a hot chocolate? The soft flickering flames and the smell of a campfire is sure to improved the general mood. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, build a safe campfire. But some areas don't allow it.

Get moving before bedtime

Before going to sleep, do some jumping jacks or mountain climbers, but not enough to get wet and sweaty. No wet clothes before bedtime. The idea here is to activate your body and getting that feeling of warmth.

Sleep with a hot water bottle

Fill a bottle with hot water and wrap it close to your tummy or between your legs before going to bed. 

Tip: you can also do so during summer camping trips when temps drop a little too low. 

Outside your tent, you can also use a small trail stove.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?
Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Eat the right food

Don't forget to eat well and stay hydrated. It's essential to drink regularly. As for food, try to eat warm, hearty (calorie-dense) meals to fuel your body because it burns more calories during winter.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

How to pick a site?

For a successful winter experience, opt for "official" campsites in campgrounds. Regardless of the province, many parks make their campsites accessible during the cold season.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Winter camping activities

Depending on your mood, there are plenty of things to do in winter: cross-country skiing, hiking, ski touring and much more.

Comment faire du camping d'hiver?

Winter camping safety

Don't forget to leave a detailed itinerary with someone you trust. What's more, it's always better to camp with a group. Find out about weather conditions in advance, and gear up accordingly. Winter camping is not to be taken lightly, as hypothermia is never far away. Finally, always carry a first-aid kit and be sure to know how to use it.

You are now ready for a winter adventure! Now all you have to do is enjoy the great outdoors and have fun. Looking forward to hearing from you...

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