7 Family sports activities

Looking for ways to keep the kids occupied? Enjoy time together with these fun family activities that get everyone moving.

young girl playing ping pong

Whether it's for a birthday party, the Spring Break or a Sunday evening with the family, all you need is a little creativity to get everyone active and having a great time. Here are 7 fun activities you can do at home!

man and woman playing ping pong

Activity 1: ping pong play list

You'll need 3 people for this game - 2 players, and 1 DJ! Get the DJ to put on some tunes, and then start your ping pong rally. Without watching the game, the DJ will randomly pause the music at some point, and whoever has the ball on their side when the music stops... loses that round. Play up to 10 points and then rotate positions so the DJ can get in on the game, and one of the players can take control of the music.

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2 people playing ping pong

Did you know?...

Ping pong originated in England in the 1880s. It was created as an adaptation of lawn tennis, so that players could enjoy the game when it was too cold to play outside. Hmmm, sound familiar?

young boy walking outside

Activity 2: walk the walk!

Get bundled up for this outdoor activity. Head out for a walk together and take turns calling out different "walking styles" that everyone has to do for at least 10 steps. Get creative and have some fun with it. Need a few ideas to get started? How about "Speed walk!… "Backwards walk!"… "Skipping walk!"…"Zombie walk!". You're sure to have a good time, and who knows how long you'll end up walking?!

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4 kids running on an outdoor track

Did you know?...

Racewalking became an Olympic track and field sport in 1904. These races would go up to 20 km and 50 km! While it doesn't always get the same recognition as other sports, racewalking requires some serious technique and is an excellent full-body workout.

mother and daughter doing yoga together

Activity 3: young yogis

Introduce your kids to a few basic yoga poses like "tree pose," "chair pose" and "triangle pose". See who can hold each pose the longest without losing their balance.

Next, the ultimate challenge… try to get everyone to participate in a 5-minute SILENT meditation session (we know, good luck!) Even if you don't hit that 5-minute mark, everyone will benefit from some quiet time before getting on with the rest of their day.

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young girl in child's pose

Did you know?...

There are tons of great virtual yoga classes you can participate in with YogaTribes via Decathlon Activities! Find a class you can do with the kids to bring a little more Zen to your day.

hockey goal

Activity 4: bowling pin hockey

Set up 6 empty plastic bottles in front of a goal and try your best to knock them down by shooting the puck from a distance. This is the perfect game to work on your shot precision! If you're a larger group, set up elimination rounds so you'll have one big winner at the end!

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close-up on a hockey goal post

Did you know?...

People have been bowling for over 5,000 years. In fact, sports equipment resembling that of a bowling game was actually found by anthropologists in ancient Egypt. Bowling pins are as old as hieroglyphics!

young girl playing in the snow

Activity 5: snowy basketball

Count how many shots make it into the baskets by throwing snowballs instead of a ball! Start with small snowballs, then make them bigger and bigger to test your strength and precision. Just make sure you don't forget your gloves or mittens for this one.

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3 kids playing basketball

Did you know?...

Originally, basketball was played with a soccer ball. The idea came from James Naismith, the Canadian who invented basketball in 1891! So, if you have a soccer ball at home, why not try out this "vintage" version of basketball as well?

hands holding a set of arrows

Activity 6: just like in the movies

To the costume drawer! Try out archery while dressed up as a famous character. Who will you be: Hawkeye from The Avengers, Katniss  from The Hunger Games, Merida from Brave, or Legolas from Lord of the Rings?
To really get in the zone, play the movie score in the background.

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young boy playing with a Softarchery kit

Did you know?...

Our Softachery kit helps kids learn quickly and safely with suction-cup arrows, a colourful target and an ambidextrous bow for kids 8 yrs+.

person doing soccer drills

Activty 7: soccer circuit

Set up a circuit of 3 to 5 stations and set a 1-minute timer on your phone. See how many times you can complete each move before the timer goes off. Here are a few station ideas to get started:

– Zig-zag dribble: Set up a row of small household items and dribble a softball through them in a zig-zag motion. When you reach the end, turn around and head back to the starting line.

– Knees and toes: Bounce a softball off your knees, feet and ankles…anything but your hands! Count how many times you manage to touch the ball before it hits the ground.

– The A-B hop: Set a point A and B (i.e.: kitchen counter to the front door), and hop on one foot from A to B; then hop back on the other foot. See how many times you can go between A and B in 1 minute.

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close-up on a player picking up a soccer ball

Did you know?...

Circuit training is a popular workout style because it's 100% customizable, doesn't require much equipment and…it's fun! Our brains can zone out when we do one repetitive action, so circuit training keeps things interesting by incorporating short bursts of activity that change from station to station. Not only great for holding kids' attention - circuit training is also an excellent option for adults.

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