close-up of a town scooter

What to look for in a town scooter?

Adult scooters are steadily gaining popularity. Discover all the key features to look for in your town scooter! 

More and more people are discovering the joys of town scooters. Practical, compact and fun, they are a great way to get from A to B—faster than walking and less cumbersome than a bike!

200 Mm wheels

All of our adult town scooters are equipped with large 200 mm wheels. Why? With bigger wheels, you get further with every push. You'll be able to scoot a greater distance without getting overtired. Added benefit: large wheels absorb shocks better thanks to a wider contact surface. Also, your turns will be slower; which is actually helpful because it makes the handling more stable and will give you more confidence as you scoot – especially if you’re just starting out!

back brake on a town scooter

One (or two) clever brake systems

Did you know that on a scooter, the back brake also serves as a mudguard? To brake, you simply press the mudguard lightly with the foot you are using to push. Some of our models also have a handlebar brake (just like on a bike) that can feel more instinctive and comforting to use. A double brake system ensures greater control during descents and allows you to stop more quickly when needed.

Low deck

Why is a low deck advantageous on a town scooter? To bridge the gap between the deck and the ground, your supporting leg must bend slightly to allow your other foot to touch the ground.

The more bent your supporting leg is, the more muscular effort is required. Imagine doing a scooting motion while standing on a chair: it would take a lot of balance and strength! So, the closer the deck is to the ground, the less effort you need to put in to push forward. 

Town 5 xl adult scooter
Town 5 xl adult scooter

Adult town 5 tg scooter

On this scooter, notice the shape of the deck that starts at the middle of the back wheel and then descends closer to the ground. 

Good suspension

Some town scooters are equipped with suspension in the front and a shock absorber in the back. If you are always scooting on smooth pavement, the suspension is unnecessary. However, with our winters, it is pretty rare to find a stretch of road or sidewalk that doesn’t have a few holes or pot holes! Good to know: Decathlon suspensions are designed to stand up to the very old paved roads of European cities, so if you ever scoot through the historic quarters of Old Quebec or Old Montreal, you’ll be well equipped! 

adjustable handlebar on a town scooter

Adjustable handlebars

Our adult scooters are designed for people between 1.45-1.95 m (up to 6’4”). The handlebars can be easily adjusted without any tools. This is especially practical if there are many of you using the same scooter, or for teens who seem to grow in the blink of an eye! 

Weight between 5-7 kg

Clearly, a lighter scooter is easier to manipulate and transport. However, the added wait of some key elements like the suspension or the handbrake may be worth it. To make the right choice, consider your primary motivation for getting a scooter: is it just for fun or for travelling longer distances comfortably?

Whichever type of scooter you choose, one thing’s for sure: you will really enjoy using it! This sport tends to put people in a good mood.

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