Comment transporter facilement vos affaires à vélo?

How to easily carry your belongings on a bike?

Contrary to what you may think, your belongings don't have to be a hindrance to your bike trips. Handbags, workout clothes, laptops, everything can be taken with you during your bike rides.

Do you have personal stuff and gear to transport during your bike trips? No worries, here are some of our essentials that will come in handy when you ride your bike!

Comment transporter facilement vos affaires à vélo?

The ideal accessory when you're traveling light: The pannier

Located at the front or rear of your bike, the pannier will be the perfect companion for carrying your purse or satchel during your trips. A bit retro, it will allow you to take them with you everywhere while keeping them within reach. With its capacity, you can easily place your belongings, your purchases after a stop at the bakery, or even groceries on the way back from the office!

Comment transporter facilement vos affaires à vélo?

The double bike bag for your busiest days and heaviest loads

The 2-litre double saddlebag is a practical solution for combining your workday with your errands. It provides extra storage space for your laptop, workout gear, and any groceries you need to pick up on the way home. A pro tip: if you're bringing your kids along for the ride, consider a modular platform that can be attached to the front or rear of your bike. This functional accessory will allow you to safely carry backpacks and other items without compromising the stability of your bike.

The essentials in case of rain: Waterproof saddlebags and covers

No need to worry when the rain starts to fall! With our waterproof saddlebags, you can keep your belongings dry and protected. The high-quality waterproof fabric provides excellent protection against the elements, and the bags come in stylish, modern designs. Plus, with their ample storage capacity, you can easily store your laptop case or lunch box for the day.

Comment transporter facilement vos affaires à vélo?

Transport bags: Saddlebags and luggage for commuting by bike or your weekend getaway

The double saddlebag and the backpack, with its multiple compartments, are the ideal solution for your daily commute to work, the store, or weekend getaways. These multi-functional saddlebags will help you carry all your essentials, no matter what activities you have planned for the week or weekend. Whether it's a workday, a picnic with friends, or a workout session, you'll find it easy to combine them all! With one side for your meal and the other for your workout gear, you'll have ample storage options. These saddlebags can be easily attached to the frame or rear of your bike, offering you a range of loading possibilities.

Comment transporter facilement vos affaires à vélo?

Discover our bike backpacks

Discover our backpacks, created by urban cyclists, that are perfect for your bike trips. Our goal is to offer you stylish backpacks that are comfortable, weather-resistant, spacious, and feature reflective accents for added safety.

In conclusion, to easily carry your belongings on a bike, it is important to select a backpack, pannier or saddlebag that suits your needs and matches your bike. Furthermore, for a secure transportation, it's important to evenly distribute the weight of your items on the bike to maintain balance and stability during the ride. With appropriate accessories, carrying your belongings on a bike can be both effortless and practical.


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