How to choose a tennis racquet?

There are three important criteria to consider when selecting a racquet that is best suited to your needs: weight, grip size and head size.

zoom on a tennis racquet

The choice of a tennis racquet should not be taken lightly. A racquet that is too heavy will interfere with your game which can lead to injury. On the other hand, a racquet that is too light offers less stability, control and shock absorption, which can also lead to injuries such as tennis elbow.


Every player’s skill level and preferences are different. Therefore, your playing style and skill level are important factors to consider when choosing your racquet.

Grip size

The grip size is the circumference of the racquet handle and it must be adjusted to your hand size. It is an important criteria in determining your playing comfort.

Size 0: Suitable for children.

Size 1: Suitable for teenagers just starting out or women with small hands.

Size 2: Standard size for women or men with small hands.

Size 3: Most common size. Standard size for men of average height or for women with large hands.

Size 4 and 5: Suitable for men with large hands (and over 180 cm tall).

grip of a tennis racket

Head size

The head size of your racquet is an important criteria to keep in mind. It refers to the strung surface or face of the racquet. There are three types of heads: small, medium and large.