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How to build your own 
at-home gym

If you want to stay active, even when the weather's not great, find motivating ways to move at home! Creating your own at-home gym is easier than you might think. Choose your equipment wisely and build your home gym according to your space and your preferred activities.

Now is a great time to consider building your own at-home gym; it will help you to stay active even if the weather outside is not ideal. Stay motivated by choosing equipment you enjoy using, and look for compact or foldable items if you have limited space at home. We'll show you how to create your ideal at-home gym!

woman folding her treadmill

The foldable treadmill

If you have limited space at home, a foldable treadmill may be the perfect option for your at-home cardio workouts.

The Run 100 treadmill was designed to combine comfort and easy storage.
Once folded, the Run 100 treadmill is only 38 cm deep. It can be stored horizontally or vertically. It also has 4 wheels for easier storage.

Note: Don't forget, you should always wear sports shoes when using a treadmill, and you can attach the safety strap to your clothes for extra security.

The exercise bike

If cycling is your preferred cardio activity, you may want to consider purchasing an exercise bike for your at-home workouts. An exercise bike lets you keep pedalling, even as the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall; so you can keep working on your technique and endurance all winter long. 

The EB 900 Self-Powered bike operates without a cord, so you can set it up wherever you'd like in your home. It provides a smooth pedalling experience and optimal comfort. 
It is also equipped with heart rate sensors, a bottle cage, small leveller wheels at each foot to adapt to any floor surface, and a handlebar with two positions, two wheels to help you move it wherever you want, and toe clips for faster pedalling. 

The stepper

If you're looking for a small piece of equipment that will allow you to easily get your heart rate going at home, why not try a compact mini stepper? This convenient equipment can be placed anywhere in your home; all you need to do is hop on and start stepping. You'll get a great cardio workout in no time! Depending on your balance needs, you can choose a model with or without a handlebar. 
If you want a more full-body workout, opt for the model with the elastic bands so that you can strengthen your upper body muscles as you step.

collapsible bench press

The collapsible bench press

If you'd like to work on your muscular strength training at home, you may want to consider buying a collapsible bench press. This piece of equipment can be used anywhere in your home, and then folded for easy storage when you are not using it.

This collapsible bench press was designed with built-in pegs for weight training with barbells and dumbbells. Be sure to choose a weight you are capable of lifting, especially when training on your own at home. 

man working out with suspension straps

The suspension straps

If you're very tight on space, but still want to get a full-body workout at home, suspension straps may be a great option for you. This compact strap can easily be attached to a door an allows you to perform a large range of exercises for your arms, back, core and legs.
Depending on your fitness level and goals, you can make exercises easier by supporting only your body weight with the straps, or you can take things up a level by adding instability work.

Additional equipment

If you still have some space in your home gym, you may want to add one of these items to complete your workout. 

woman working out with dip bars

The dip bar

With a maximum load of 130 kg, this lightweight dip bar is ideal for building upper-body strength and for all-round bodyweight training at home.

man using push up and slide grips

The push-up & slide grips

These push-up grips and sliders let you perform a wide range of full-body and core exercises; and pack up into their own mesh bag for easy storage. 

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