A yoga routine for cross-country skiers

After doing any sport, it's important to take the time to stretch and to rest. Philippe from YogaTribes has created the perfect post-skiing yoga routine.

a woman doing yoga in her living room

The routine

1. Start in child's pose and take a minute to focus on your breath. 

2. Stretch your back with a sequence of cat and cow poses.

3. Spend some time in dragon and monkey poses.

4. Lying on your back, lift your knees and gently twist to one side. Repeat on the other side. 

5. Do a modified pigeon pose.

6. Finish with one to two minutes of focusing on your breath while holding the restorative bridge pose with your legs in a butterfly position.

drawings of yoga postures
man in a relaxed position with legs in a butterfly position

The benefits of these poses

- Allowing yourself to take a moment to relax and just be on your yoga mat.

- An excellent series of movements that work your spinal cord mobility and stretch your back muscles.

- Great poses for stretching your hip flexors, hamstrings and calf muscles.

- Perfect for releasing your hips and stretching out your lower back.

- Excellent poses for stretching out your glutes.

- Great for stretching your adductors.

Philippe de Yogatribes

Philippe from yogatribes

After many years of practicing different sports, I became very interested in yoga in 2015. Once I had completed my teacher training, I offered free yoga classes within my community so that I could integrate what I had learned. In doing so, I developed a strong desire to continue teaching yoga and helping those in my community to achieve a greater sense of wellness. I started my bachelor’s degree in physical education and health at the University of Quebec in Montreal. I teach a style of yoga that is suitable for all levels. #weareallyogis